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I Can Buy Everything I Desire, Including A Husband – Linda Ikeji

Africa’s foremost controversial female blogger, “Linda Ikeji” never seems to be shy of being embroiled in so many controversies. In a series of tweets across her twitter handle, Linda Ikeji tweeted about being Nigeria’s richest woman with an account balance of over “$1Billion” and despite being single, she
can afford to buy anything that makes her happy, including any man as a “HUSBAND”.

She also made mention of the fact that however she spends her money is her business alone and haters should keep on hating. Strong words from an “INDEPENDENT” woman you might say. Or better still, a more subtle name for ‘Linda Ikeji’ should be “Miss Independent” lol. Barely 2 months after her well publicized “Hermes Birkin” bag scandal, she has one again found herself at the center of the storm!

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Do you Agree with Her ? Can Money Buy Love ? Drop Your Opinion Below!


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  1. Walexsy Toh Qute, Richardwill Effiom and Mariam Afolabi, I want to ask you just one question. If you were to be in Lind Ikeji’s shoe, don’t you think you could have done more than that? Be sincere.

  2. You guys should not actually blame Linda Ikeji, She is at the peak of life enjoyment. As you all know that she must have paid her dues before getting to the level she is right now.

  3. buying husband is just to let people know that she is a freaking flirt and has no motherly training.
    maybe her mum also bought her dad or gave money to the guy that pregnant her

  4. #Linda ikeji always like to draw people’s attention on her post’ remember what #Wizkid #Ayo said to her #Linda I can never be your friend .’ never ‘ .. Seems that wasn’t enough to her’ life is vanity upon vanity… #Linda

  5. We all make mistakes and the beauty of mistakes is to learn and grow through them.So many less fortunate ladies are more proud than Linda,so i implore her to be a bit humble,she is just a little carried away with unexpected much wealth.She can change for good

  6. I’ll start by saying she’s a complete liar by saying she worth over $1billion; even de world richest rappers DR DRE, P-DIDDY, JAY-Z and 50CENT doesn’t have dat kind of money, not to talk of ordinary blorgar…
    She’s just saying those rubbish cos we’re Nigeria.

  7. She is under very strong demonic influence and need to be subjected to serious deliverance processes. It’s not every one who speaks good English and dresses that is sane.

  8. think money is every thing den try and see how many men we sty in marriage wit u? never use money 2 buy a mans love or else u are just doing Ur self, no one we stay so long wit u

  9. If she said she is d richest woman in either nigeria or in african, then let see how she can face, okonjo eweala, formal minister of econs. All dis na wash, trust me friends, fool @40 is a fool forever, she can buy everything she desire, yet she find it so difficult to settle for jst one man, nd now she is claiming she can use her low wealth to buy husban, bt up till now, she has none, abegy leave trash for lawman jooor, make we all hear words.

  10. My advice 4 u is dat u need god in yr life if it it is 2ru u are d one dat post dis money can never buy happiness no matter ao rich u ar u need 2 humble yrself and be submisive, people dat ar beta dan u pray day an 9ite yet dey dont hav a life partner and let me tel u dis, u are wasting away yr life by wasting away yr time pls change yr ways is 4 yr own gud…i pray god help u.

  11. Money is not everything, the rich also Cry’s. God is the ultimate. You can use your money to buy a husband but there will be no respect and true love, so pray for God to give you a man that will love you not to love your money

  12. Linda Ikeji, Money money money! Money cannot buy love, love is natural, i prefer natural love than money love, now that man you wlil buy as a husband who wil be under each other you or him

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  14. Linda ikeji you are sincerely out of point…….. You can never buy a husband……. Take note, money can not buy everything…… You can only use that money buy a Robot and a zombie who can only service your desires….. You cant buy love, please opt out from that statement of yours…… Its annoying.

  15. Don’t deceive your self madam. Money can buy foodstuffs,shelters, luxury cars etc. But never bought:love, husband, peace, health, heaven(Paradise),and I av to remained u dat money can buy bed by not sleep, can buy drugs but not health, can buy cars but not safe arrival etc

  16. i pray that God will open you up to the realities of the kingdom. money should not direct you but God should lead your decisions thanks. be carfule less you get a rude shock

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