Former Falcon player, Chichi Igbo (AKA Woman Man) attacks Olamide

The rapper had earlier on shared a meme joking about the shooting in Orlando at a gay club which left 50 dead and countless injured.

In anger, Ex Nigerian Super Falcon’s player, Chichi Igbo lashed out at the YBNL boss for joking about such a sensitive issue.

It read, “When somebody asks you if you’re ok because they know you were in Orlando but your not gay.

Chichi Igbo clearly enraged with the rapper’s insensitive post took to Instagram writing, “Olamide aka @baddosneh you are officially a douchebag for being so insensitive over such tragedy, gay or straight, lives were lost and I don’t see how anyone can make joke with such, and for the record, not everyone that goes to a gay club is gay, these are people that have friends and families that most times accompany them to clubs and there are also those that are not so judgmental n prolly love the type of music played in the club. It could’ve been anyone so pay some fucking respect or be SILENT!!! #prayfororlando #letloveleadtheway.

 Apart from Chichi Igbo, many other people did not find the post funny and have joined to lash Olamiden his choice of words on the matter.A fan even called Olamide an illiterate, and said that was the only explanation as to why he said the things he said.

The YBNL boss has since taken down the post.

It will be recalled that a gunman opened fire and dozens of bodies were removed overnight Monday from a popular gay nightclub here as investigators tried to piece together what had led to a shooting rampage 24 hours earlier that left 50 people dead, including the gunman, and 53 wounded.

At hospitals and gathering spots nearby, relatives and friends of the clubgoers who remained unaccounted for began to lose hope that their loved ones had somehow survived the mass shooting by the gunman, identified as Omar Mateen, who was killed by the police at the club early Sunday morning. And those who had already learned that their loved ones had died began to plan for funerals.

Credit : olorisupergal.com


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