Flavour and his no.1 Baby Mama– Sandra Okagbue Set to Welcome a New Child.

There have been rumours about the possibility of Flavour welcoming a new baby by his on and off baby mama Sandra Okagbue.  However, a recent video clip has just confirmed that the rumour may actually be factual.

There has been a recent video of Sandra that seems like a baby bump at a friend’s makeup studio. It therefore suffixes that this will be Flavour’s third child out of wedlock, and second for Sandra.

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On the other hand, rumours about Flavour and Sandra being legally married as husband and WIFE has gone viral lately. A dm from an anonymous source has confirmed that the two are legally married, and that Flavour did pay Sandra’s bride price & performed other marital rites as at December 28 of last year, 2015. Also, a picture of Sandra wearing a wedding ring has given this notion of they being legally married much more impetus.

Be that as it may, the new school highlife singer prefers to keep his marital or relationship life private and outside the grasp of the media.


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