What some female celebrities do to their vagina to be more attractive

Women do unbelievably ridiculous things just to enhance their looks and physique and general beauty.

But some female celebrities have now gone into a new one – vaginal plumping. This process is said to be a medical procedure to make their vagina look youthful again. Although lots of men do not mind how the ‘down-below’ of a woman looks when it’s time to do-the do, but these women still go ahead to do a vagina life anyway. This still boils down to the fact that some women are not-so-comfy with how their outer lips (labia majora) are hanging loosely especially after giving birth, deflating due to age or drastically losing weight.

Therefore, they go for a vaginal plumping which is a correctional procedure also known as Labia Majora enhancement which involves injecting fat from other parts of your body to the loose outer lips to return the vagina to its youthful looks (fat grafting).

A quick survey has revealed that women are actually doing it not only for their esteem but for the men in their lives.

“Men do not like seeing a dead cat and I would probably go for it if mine become loose,” a lady who requested not to be mentioned said.

“I would do it for my man because I do not see myself down there,” another one commented.

Doctors say that the advantage of this procedure is that nothing foreign is used to enhance the appearance and that the fat can stay for years to come. If you are brave enough to watch, below is a video that shows how this surgery is done:

Would you try it if you had the chance to?
Would you allow your woman to do it too?


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