Fake Wizkid? – How a woman fooled fans and got millions of naira.

Is there a fake Wizkid? The news will stun you!

Wizkid has become a real sensation in Nigeria. But this girl named Nelly is the real newsmaker.  She is the fake Wizkid and thousands were fooled by her!

Fake Wizkid is a girl! She is just 19 years old, and she amazingly resembles Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun’s appearance. She does plainly look like a Wizkid twin! Even so much that she has been able to fool the fans of the Nigerian music star and got the money out of them.

Police believe her profits amounted to over 65 000 US Dollar or almost 13 million naira! What she did was rather smart. She dressed like Wizkid and impersonated him. Then she came to the places, where he had to do his shows and just took the money.

Wizkid manager and the singer filed applications to police. Presently we get reports of the girl being arrested. She studies at Delta State University. A police officer named Sunday Are got her when she arrived in Lagos.

She planned on getting $25 000 more for the next Wizkid show from an Australian guy. Formerly they had a hard time catching her, as she would mainly get the money via electronic payment systems. This time, she got too greedy and decided to play hard to get 25 grand.

What is more amazing, this fraud went on for over 3 years. The girl “played” Wizkid on social media and got money from his fans. Presently the police have at least two proven cases against her of taking 53 000 and 12 500 US Dollars from foreign fans. Meanwhile, real Wizkid had to refund those people who paid for his performances and never got them!

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