While there are many darker shades of skin foundations available from multi-national make-up companies in their make-up ranges, they are not actually made to suit black women’s skin; which is made up completely differently to Caucasian, Hispanic and oriental skin. Because of this, and her knowledge of the cosmetics industry, Doris Michaels started the only UK Cosmetics Company created exclusively for black women 10 years ago.

“I want to give every black woman the opportunity to enhance their personal beauty with the best possible cosmetics to suit their skin. Our brand does exactly that, and at a low cost, our product really does do what it says!”

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“Other brands have very expensive advertising budgets which are passed onto customers to inflate prices, we are proud that our brand is promoted by word-of-mouth. Our products ARE better than MAC for black skin – why pay their prices?”

“Doris Michaels Cosmetics celebrates dark skin. Black women often have skin tone problems, such as blemishes, uneven skin tone, scarring and oiliness, which our products cover giving them flawless skin.”

Doris Michaels foundations and powders have been created to:
Adhere well to the skin and control shine, Stay on for several hours, Easily cover blemishes and uneven skin tone
Suit a wide range of skin tones, the colour stays true without changing on the skin, Enhance your personal glow with a moisturising and creamy formulation and be affordable to the everyday woman.

“There are many afro-carribean stores in the South East which stock our products, with up to 13 skin tones available in our foundation range. Or you can shop online and compare our skin tones to other high street brands on our Colourmatch page. Doris Michaels Cosmetics customer base has grown due to word-of-mouth, as a black woman I know what is best for our skin, once you’ve tried our products you won’t try any others.”

Doris Michaels

cream lipstick

Credit: Fashion Online Nigeria


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