Daddy Showkey: I Regret Not Going To School

We recently published an article about the popular Nollywood actor Kanayo O Kanayo who shared a photo of himself at the University of Abuja as he pursues a degree in Law. Here we are again with Daddy Showkey still on education matter. In a recent interview with ThePointNg; Daddy Showkey said not having education is one major thing he regrets.

In his words, ‘It is education. When I see musicians who are graduates, I am proud of them. I like to have PhD too.
Though my mother was a teacher, she still gave me the freedom to do what I wanted to do. But given another chance, I would like to take education seriously. I would have finished my secondary and university education before going into music’.

‘I have so many people depending on me at the moment. Helen Paul and I even talked about it recently and she encouraged me to go back to school. But the truth is that I feel my children will continue from where I stopped’.

This still reminds us that there is no age limit for schooling.



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