Birds of same feather – D’banj  failed to release his album on the day he promised

On June 27, 2017, D’banj uploaded the inspired artwork for his forthcoming album “King Don Come.” The project which has had everyone talking about him finally had an artwork to be used in its marketing, and the post was tagged with the date 7-717.

That’s July 7, 2017.

It was a release date, announced strategically with the artwork for the project. That day came and went. But D’banj didn’t release his album. Instead, we received the announcement that his business outfit, D’Cream records, has been valued at over $100 million. The album didn’t drop.

When asked Franklin Amudo, D’banj’s business manager, about why the project didn’t drop.

“We never said the album was dropping on that date. The date is significant to the D’banj business and brand. The C.R.E.A.M platform was officially 1 year,” Amudo said via SMS.

There’s some truth in that. In August 2016,  D’banj launched “THE C.R.E.A.M PLATFORM” a subscription-based digital platform for customers which avails them the opportunity to develop, actualize, get mentored and sell their creative content fully financed by the platform when chosen as winners. 7-7-17 made it a year since its launch.

But D’banj never shared that as his true intentions on social media. Instead he announced an album art and dropped a date, leading fans, the media, and everyone with an interest in anticipating a project on that date. The convenient business announcement on that day was a bonus, but an album was also promised.

D’banj isn’t the only artist who has done this. From Wizkid to Omawumi, the music industry is filled with stories of artists who announce timelines for projects that never come to be. Wizkid has postponed the release of his third studio project twice, and promised mixtapes that have not been released. Omawumi’s “Timeless” hit digital stores two weeks after it was promised.

They do this with good intentions, but the task of releasing an album involves a number of processes including marketing, merchandising, promotion and more. Digital album releases can come on a promised date, but musicians generally prefer to release their projects with everything in place.

Look across the creative industry to Nollywood. Release dates are sacred, due to how important the dates are to the business, they never get postponed. Musicians postpone release dates in Nigeria all the time.

A number of factors are responsible for this. But it can be controlled if only the artists can hold back on the announcement until they cover all their bases and account for every step of the release process.

D’banj’s “King Don Come” album will eventually be released. But fans need to know they can trust in their favorite artist to keep to their word and drop projects on the dates they are announced.

Credit: Gbera TV


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