Azealia Banks Attacks UK Rappers and People, Calls Them ‘Sloppy, Uncoordinated and Drunk

Moments ago, Azealia Banks, still upset that her appearance at the Rinse Born & Bred Festival in the UK was cancelled – and to show just how frustrated she is with the organisers- took to her Instagram to attack the organisers and make derogatory statements about UK rappers and their audience.

The footage from the Born and Bred festival in the UK this weekend completely proved my point about UK rappers,” she said, adding, “Every single act looked sloppy, drunk, and uncoordinated. The crowd looked drunk and disinterested.”

And then the American rapper accused the organisers Rinse FM of being racist. “It seems the festival promoters have no problem with my use of the word n** as long as it is directed at myself and my own people.”

But the ‘212’ rapper chickened out not longer after because she quickly deleted the post.


Recall that due to her racist attack on former One Directioner, Zayn Malik earlier, Banks’ appearance was dropped from a UK festival which started on Saturday and ended yesterday, June 5. The American rapper’s Twitter account was also shut down over the racist remarks.

And though she has apologised for her comments, the 24-year-old couldn’t resist taking one more jibe.

Well, now she has deleted it, and this leaves us wondering if the usually fiery artiste has been broken, forever.

What do you think?


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