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Am I a yahoo boy? Who is copying who Zlatan copies Hushpuppi (fake life)


Am I a yahoo boy? Who is copying who zlatan copies Hushpuppi (fake life)

Look at this two pictures in the bio and see the same car and plate number used.

They live a fake life using image background and use editing softwares to claim who they are not.

Who are this guys lets look into their fashion sense does it really depicts their net worth with a credible source of such life they claim to live.

We are conversant with the arrest of Naira Marley who came back from the state , would I as an individual not feel that there is more to this crew from Hushpuppi to Naira Marley coming from the state to Nigeria hooking up with Zlatan Ibile in Nigeria who are now friends, of which we could detect when a song was released with Naira Marley, Zlatan Ibile and his crew “Am I a Yahoo boy”

The concept of which we can say or link to, after listing to the court proceedings as regards Naira Marley court cases (11 count charge)

I fear the lawyer standing in for him of which corruption is the other of the day as far money is involved. Let’s check it .

Am not against this guys but against the economy of “political robbers” starting from the EFCC themselves who are placed in by Godfatherism to support their political aspirations as regards the incumbent party rulling Nigeria who has made this hard for the youth than providing necessary measures to eradicate poverty instead they are the herbsmen and boko haram ,looking for every means to change the country into what is not. Who are this Northerners to decide how Nigeria should be ?

Let’s think right and help the youth who are the leaders of tomorrow than this so called government who enrich the pocket than the economy.



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