If you don’t want stupid answers don’t ask stupid questions- Ali Baba

Comedy legend and actor, Ali Baba who is known for his depth in life issues especially on love and relationship matters, has again shared his opinion on the subject matter. In a post he shared this morning, the actor cum comedian, said :


One guy was asked by his new babe of 3 weeks… “Will you ever leave me?” He looked at her for like 5 seconds, smiled, tried to say something, hesitated for a bit and said “It depends”. She flared up. “You men are all the same. Can’t be in a relationship for long”. He chuckled and was about extending it to a full fledged laugh, and realised she was serious. He swallowed the laughter before it got any audible. “NOOOOOOOOO!… OK. What if you cheat on me? Oh you didn’t go there!!!. She fired at him. “Why would you be thinking such?” You started it, he managed to mutter while trying to hug her. “Leave me jare, don’t touch me.!” Thought we were, having a conversation. “Please come go drop me at home. Need to be alone… if you don’t mind. Or I can call a cab.” One week later the relationship was dead. Sometimes you need to even know the import of the questions you wan to ask before letting them pass your lips. A lady was in a very romantic mode with her bobo who was on the other side of the world from her… and as their voices got lower and more sensuous, she asked “Are you sure you are alone on this trip?” The bobo ung up and had a mind of cutting off completely. But again he thought, “most people don’t know when they say what they shouldn’t say, out of the excitement of the moment.” If you don’t want to hear what you can not handle don’t ask it…


Credit: GberaTV


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