Election Promise Fulfilled: Abia State Government Feeds Pupils With Ofada Rice

Every Nigerian is familiar with the election mandate that all primary school student would be given free meals, at some point this seemed unrealistic but now the Abia state government has decided to kick start this vision.

Umuahia-Abia State  Government has kicked off a free lunch program aimed at feed primary school children in  public schools. According to the Abia State government, this program will help:

“meet the basic nutritional needs of children and expand the opportunity to reach their full potential and significantly enhance the academic performance of the children.”

According to the Government ,this program is supposed to be able feed a total number of 136, 258 pupils, who will consume 408, 774 fresh eggs, 51, 09, 670 grammes of ofada rice and 68, 120, 000 grammes of beans, weekly, I don’t know what happens to those who don’t eat Ofada Rice.

And to flag off this program the Government will be starting with Ntigha primary school in Isiala Ngwa North council, weekend, Governor Ikpeazu said the initiative was borne out of a genuine desire to invest in children who are the future leaders.He understands what it means to go to school with an empty stomach, as well as the pain some parents go through to provide meals for their children, saying that under the scheme, every pupil in Abia was sure of at least one meal a day.

Ikpeazu lamented how uncomfortable and how unfair it is that tons of food end up in the dustbin on daily basis by  the affluent  while while some children go hungry due to lack, He also stressed the need to bridge the gap. He pledged to sustain the program.

We don’t know how long this will be successful but what we do know and are sure of is that a lot of hungry children are in need of this intervention and that the Government of Abia State would be saving more life than they imagined.

Credit : olorisupergal.com


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