4 dethroned Nigerian beauty queens (Photos)

Beauty queens are mostly known for their intelligence and beauty. A lot of effort is put into getting crowned a queen. From registration up until being declared a queen, the journey is filled with challenges and only those with the strongest will and dedication see it through.

In Nigeria several beauty pageants are held across the nation. Young girls have impacted in so many ways from the platform provided them to lead or actualize a cause as a queen. Many grow up wanting to be crowned queens and wanting to make a difference in the society.

Asides the fame and elegance that comes with being a beauty queen, there is the joy of actualizing a dream most girls have from an early age and so when this realized dream is cut short by misdeeds it betrays hope for some.

Check out the Nigerian beauty queens who have been dethroned.
1. Nneze Richard Agu (Miss Independence)

Nneza was crowned Miss Independence Nigeria 2015/2016 after meeting the prerequisite for being a queen. However, her queen status was short lived when she was dethroned on basis of disrespect and disloyalty to the crown and the title bestowed upon her.

2. Queen Grace Okoro Adaeze (Miss
Nollywood Culture and Tourism)

Grace was crowned queen as Miss nollywood culture and tourism at the grand finale ceremony on 27th December, 2015. the hardworking newly crowned queen had goals and set to achieve her dreams beyond being a beauty queen. Her hopes got shattered when she got dethroned on basis of being rude and arrogant. Her side of the story exposed the shady deal she claims she got herself into which had Nigerians wondering what happens behind the scenes of beauty pageants in the country.

3. Amarachi Joyce Mbatu (Face of VL

Joyce mbatu is a young lady born and raided in a christian family. Ger flare for modelling pushed her to great heights including being crowned the face of VL magazine earlier this year. The young beauty had her new step towards a great modelling career cut short when she had the title snatched from her. According to Joyce, she was dethroned due to her refusal to posing topless for the magazine.

4. Miss Anambra, Chidinma Okeke (Miss

Chidinma Okeke is one of the queens with the most controversial cases. The young lady was crowned Miss Anambra after an interesting pageant in the city of Awka. Unfortunately for the former queen she was dethroned following a series of incident that led to a stain on her name and her persona as a functional member of the society. Former Miss Anambra got in the hands of blackmailers who released videos of her performing “immoral” act on the internet and that cut her path to beauty queenship.

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