2019 Election; Stay Off Political Campaigns, Ogungbe Advise Entertainers

The music entrepreneur, Kenny Ogungbe, has advised Nigerian artistes to stay off political campaigns ahead of 2019 general election.

Kenny made this known while speaking with journalists recently.

He explained that a lot politicians do not enhance the entertainment industry, but during politics, they will use musicians to gather people together at their campaign grounds, and they will use music to sell their manifestoes. He called on the artiste not support a politician.

He further stated that entertainers should not get involve with political parties as this can be used against them by other political parties.

“If a popular (artist) is involved, you will be zeroing in on a particular party. Let’s say Davido. He is known to be PDP. Anywhere there is APC, they see him as PDP and they will cut him off.”

“If you’re APC, if you go to PDP, they cut you off, but if you’re a big artiste, I will advise you to stay (out) and allow them to do their campaigns. After winning, you now celebrate the winner, because the winner will be the one in government.” he added.

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