Do you want to discover your child’s talents? Consider these 5 P’s

A child is a bundle of purpose, potentials and passion, full of creativity and talents. These innate abilities continue to express themselves as the child grows older. However, if such talents are not discovered, developed and displayed they tend to become dormant and the child operates below God’s level of success for that child.

Champions International in conjunction with Eventnews Africa brings you 5 P’s TO CONSIDER.

There are signposts that we should look out for in this journey:

1. Purpose:

Discovery leads to recovery. When you discover the cause of a sickness, you are on your journey to recovery from that sickness.

As parents or guardians, helping the child to discover purpose for his or her existence is key. For example, a child that is destined to become a renowned doctor to save lives and his or her parents want him to be a musician will negatively affect that child.

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To find out his or her purpose, please go to God in prayer. Nobody knows more about a product than the manufacturer of that product. Encourage that child to be close to his or her Bible.

2. Potentials:

Every child has natural abilities which they express as they grow. Its our duties as parents or guardians, to discover and harness them to greatness. If you child keeps opening up all the toys you buy for him, that could be a pointer that your child could end up an electronic successful engineer.

3. Passion.

Every child has a cycle of interest. Find out what excites him or her. It could be music, Songs, talking etc. observe and help them develop in those areas.

4. Peers.

Birds of a feather flock together. A child who naturally loves to sing will be attracted to children who sing to. Don’t just shout at your children to change their friends, in stead, sit down with them and ask why they chose those company of friends & mentor them accordingly.

5. Pursuit:

The evidence of purpose is in its pursuit.

Every child is pursuing something they love. Something they want to spend their time, energy and resources on.

Find out what and why, then if you are convinced they are in line with God’s plan for them, help them achieve their dreams.


For 15 years now, we at CHAMPIONS FAMILY INTERNATIONAL, have championed the cause of youth development and empowerment all over the world.

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