Why You Need To Attend The Scepters iConference Global CEO 2015

Here comes another opportunity to meet with top CEOs. This is an information conference to support global leaders of today and into the future. Global CEO iConference is said to be the world’s most memorable speeches. The Global CEO iConference is an annual business and Innovation conference hosted by the Scepters Corporation, offering an open forum for global executives of international Business to discuss issues facing the international Business community. Since its inception, iConference has grown from a bi-annual event in Nigeria to an annual event alternating between the Africa and a major international cities. Each year it attracts over 2,500 registered delegates from across the tertiary (further and higher) education sectors and a variety of other industries with perspectives on international business.

This event will focus on growing pipeline for data currently produced and consumed globally with a target audience in IT and business, the program will feature practical case studies and hands-on workshop-type sessions designed to give attendees insights and tools they can apply immediately to their own business. An emphasis on collaboration and networking will serve to facilitate idea-sharing. Case studies presented will focus on government reporting, corporate actions, corporate financial fundamentals reporting around the world.

Join us in Lagos, Nigeria as government officials, senior executives, academics and others from more than 350 organizations. In addition, a number accounting professionals, technologists, data analysts and software developers for thought leadership, best-practice, and working sessions on data transparency. Learn how structured data has made policy makers, accountants and investors worldwide, successful at putting up structures for corporate accountability, enhancing transparency and efficiency, and using complex data to make better decisions.


Reason 1. With 200+ sessions, Scepters iConference 2015 has the solutions you need.

Reason 2. Access to the top corporate speakers and game changers.

Reason 3. Want to grow your business? Hundreds of executives and business decision makers attend Scepters iConference each year.

Reason 4. Because the keynote speakers are always epic.

Reason 5. The PRE and POST conference sessions offer you EVEN MORE solutions, certifications, and training opportunities.

Reason 6. The pre-conference session “Migrating CEOs Solutions” will show you how to transit.

Reason 7. The pre-conference session “Refactoring Business Solutions into apps for Office”

Reason 8. If you sign up for both pre-conference sessions, you get a discount.

Reason 9. The “Office Deployment Workshop” pre-conference session.

Reason 10. You can become a certified cutting-EdgeProfessional.


Reason 12. You can get your questions answered by the facilitators at the iConference 2014.

Reason 13. Get the details on the search-driven publishing model that allows companies to create dynamic search-driven web sites with iConference 2013.

Reason 14. Scepters iConference selects the best technocrats for developer sessions.

Reason 15. Access to the Global CEO iConference Library.

Reason 16. CEOs will learn how to implement successful leadership transition.

Reason 17. The “Father of iConference”, will be there to share his insight on the apprenticeship of Mastery.

Reason 18. Find out why you need an iConference membership advantage.

Reason 19. Great opportunities to network in the Partner Pavilion.

Reason 20. iConference is the new way to work together.

Reason 21. Because we have a track for CEOs that was built with you in mind.

Reason 22. If you sign up for both pre-conference packs, you can save BIG!

Reason 23. You will learn how to make better data decisions for better transactions

Reason 24. Learn to make fast sites faster with performance-related features in iConference 2013.

Reason 25. Hear customer stories about how organizations have become more successful.

Reason 26. You can get your iConference questions answered at “Ask the Experts.”

Reason 27. Because Global CEO iConference is taking over the world famous Eko Hotel.

Reason 28. Learn how to design an implementation that allows you to enforce your governance policies for information management and information architecture.

Reason 29. You will be able to get an overview of the personalized iConference 2013 social experience.

Reason 30. At Scepters iConference, you can discover the steps to driving culture change.

Reason 31. There is a special event every night of the event!

Reason 32. Get more out of your data at the Business Intelligence (BI) pre-conference session.

Reason 33. You can learn to build and improve customer and social satisfaction using the new iConference capabilities.

Reason 34. Immersive sessions for information gathering.

Reason 35. Learn how to fast-track your Project Management cutting-edge applications.

Reason 36. We compile a Top 10 session list for each audience so you can find the best sessions.

*Reason 37. Gbenga Sesan (@gbengasesan) will be there to talk about how Enterprise Social are changing the workplace.

Reason 38. Discover how to avoiding pitfalls when formulating goals

Reason 39. Learn killer marketing tactics to increase sales, maximize profits, and stomp your competition.

Reason 40. The pre-conference session “Training & Certification.”

Reason 41. We have everything you need to know about E-Marketing.

Reason 42. You can join or follow the conversation with #goglobal on Twitter before stepping foot in a conference hall.

Reason 43. Meet iConference members from across the globe.

Reason 44. CEOs will learn the steps that will help you succeed with technology and trends.

Reason 45. Scepters iConference has the greatest content geared towards CEOs and Professionals.

Event Details:

Oriental Hotel
3, Lekki – Epe Express Way
Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria

Wednesday, July 29, 2015 at 8:00 AM Friday, July 31, 2015 at 12:00 PM

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