We are now driving a digital economy | The Edge Series – #TESS2015

Do you know that the growth of a digital economy has an undesirable impact on global economy. More justice was done to this fact at the just concluded “The Edge Series Student Summittagged “Driving a digital economy“. The summit took place at the prestigious Muson Centre, Lagos on Thursday 16th July 2015.  It was an informative moment listening to the highly sort speakers.

Been at the edge series 2015 was as informative as ever. If you were not at the event, then you missed a lot, but all hope is not lost because we have compiled a glimpse of useful tips for you here. Relax and read on.

All thanks to the organizers of the edge series student summit – SwiftThink Limited. SwiftThink has lived to address every touch point of the professional individuals and organisations. They have always engaged in life changing conversations that transcend communications. According to the founder of SwiftThink, it’s not enough to “Find Your Edge”, It is now harnessing that edge in the most creative ways in an ever changing world”

Generally, the series was really an eye opener. The speakers made a positive impact in their different ways. Starting with Fola Folayan and Gbenga Aborowa who anchored the event, they were actually amazing in there deliveries. Fola Folayan is a renowned radio presenter, who is made of stuffs when it comes to event anchoring.

With the current trend in Nigeria entrepreneurial development, we mostly complain of capital – Financial Capital . But now things have changed. We are now driving in a digital economy where Social capital is more valuable than financial capital. According to one of the speakers at the edge series 2015, social capital is now key before financial capital. Do you believe that the future is online? Online businesses are now enhancing existing processes.

Opeyemi Awoyemi, co-founder of was also at the event and he gave his quota of his digital economic wealth of experience. Do you know that has become the Nigeria’s most popular job and career website with more than 1,100,000 users and 20,000 employers. That’s pretty cool.

Etop Ikpo of Dealdey shared his amazing startup story. Why did I say his startup story was amazing? You needed to hear some of the fascinating situations he found himself. But aside all that, he was able to breakthrough to where he is today. According to him, it was not actually all smooth, but as we speak right now, he is already trending higher on his way to unimaginable heights.

To crown it all, Gina London, the Veteran CNN correspondence and communication specialist spoke on communication skills. She made us understand that even managers in some organizations don’t actually know how to give proper communication through hand shake. You needed to see how she practically explained the impact of proper communication skill in our present technological age. After her speech, it became apparent to us that good communication skill will give us ,an edge in driving the digital economy


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