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Labour Day Ministers Conference 2016 is a unique opportunity for God’s able workmen and women to celebrate God’s call upon our lives.  Join other Kingdom Labourers as we step aside to refresh, re-energise, network and re-examine the standards of Christian ministry

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Prepare to accelerate your performance and enhance your contribution to the body of Christ in  2016.

Welcome Centre Hotels – International Airport Road, Ikeja, Lagos

Meet the organisers of Labour day ministers conference 2016

BWGM is a non-profit faith-based organisation dedicated to “Building a People with God for God”. Our focus is on empowering Godly leadership in all spheres and at all stages of life.  By so doing, we contribute to the church’s ability to attain to its full potential while visibly impacting the world it lives in.

BWGM is NOT a church. We refer to ourselves as a “support ministry” providing resources,  tools, support and partnership to churches, ministries and governments as God gives grace.

Programmes, events and networks at Labour day ministers conference include

  • The Labour Day Ministers Conference
  • The Buliders Youth Forum
  • Kingdom Labourer Network
  • The Body Builder Mentoring Programme
  • Life Skills Workshop

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