3 Relevant Announcement made During Facebook F8 summit

Facebook F8 summit

Eventnews coming your way from the just concluded Facebook F8 summit. The keynote message of Facebook F8 event and the Facebook developer conference which just happened will never be the same again. You know how cautious we am in commenting news, however what Mark Zuckerberg announced at Facebook F8 summit is something that deserves to be commented on and discussed immediately with fellow event professionals.

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First of all let’s recap the relevant announcements made:

1. Live API. Facebook announced opening it
2. Live API to developers. Some partners will initially have access to it. Zuckerberg showed a drone live streaming the keynote live on Facebook.
Facebook Surround 360 . This is a 360, 3D video capture system. It is a special camera specifically made to capture three dimensional video. The news is that it is an open source project.

3. Facebook 10 Year Roadmap.

Zuckerberg announced the vision for the next ten years, that included 3D live streaming and augmented.

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Written by Joshua Abigail

Joshua Abigail popularly known as ABG is an associate writer with Eventnews Africa.

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