Surely Lifted Logistics Limited Launches State of the Art Import and Export Services

Surely Lifted Logistics Limited is a wholly Nigerian indigenous global cargo and general logistics company, an idea conceived in 2006 but came into being by merging with Solution Clientele Ltd which was the initial brand name into Surely lifted Logistics Ltd, their company is very well-known and reliable Group in the field of Cargo and Logistics Business Management.

The company for many years has been passionate and concerned about providing the missing link for client yearning for quality service and agents’ ability and responsiveness of meeting their expectation and set goals. To this end SURELY LIFTED LOGISTICS has equipped itself with both human and material resources to grapple with the enormous challenges in the Air and Sea Cargo industry there by lunching itself into the realm of modern age professionalism.

SURELY LIFFTED LOGISTIC LIMITED is a company united by strong values and highest standard of behavior, their business code of conduct stands for fundamental commitment which complies with all applicable legal requirements and high ethical standards wherever they operate. All their well trained and educated employees are accountable for upholding their clients’ interest, their reputations in accordance with the compliance from relevant Agencies as they  conduct their business.

The knowledge and strong global partnership of Surely Lifted Logistics allow them to offer customers reliable, flexible, and effective Freight Forwarding, cargo, Haulage, Logistics, Courier Services, Customs Brokers and General Contracting business. Surely Lifted routinely deliver both domestic and international services to their clients.

Vision of Surely Lifted Logistics
Our vision is to be your first choice for Cargo handling & Logistic Management services.

Mission of Surely Lifted Logistics
To provide the best Cargo handling & Logistic Services to our clients by demonstrating responsiveness, diligence and building on our culture of excellence.

Core Values of Surely Lifted Logistics

Always without exception.
Lead by example with leadership as in attitude not position

Foster a culture where our employees are valued

Whatever it takes and then more
Continuously strive to attain excellence at all levels

Establish lasting relationship & exceeds expectation
Always displaying the highest ethical & professional standard

Get in touch with Surely Lifted Logistics

Head Office: 25, Mushin Road, Isolo, Lagos, Nigeria.

Tel: 014534866, 09053896468, 09053896467, 09053896478




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