See why you need to make Eventnews Africa the official online media PR for your brand in 2017

If honing your own digital skills is just not feasible and the pressure to improve your business’s social media presence keeps growing, it may be time to seek help from a social media consultant. Its time to make Eventnews Africa the  official media publicist, social media PR and marketing consultant to your esteemed establishment. This is with a view to consolidating the efforts at achieving your management’s goals which has profit maximization as key.


The impact of social media on the growth of 21st century business cannot be overemphasized. This is because of its long-lasting effect on sales, customer relations and satisfaction among other benefits.

Despite this laudable reason, this world class catalyst which has grown five star brands has not been fully harnessed in Nigeria thereby widening the gap between customers and management. This overtime has negative effect on cost and direction of management decisions aimed at meeting customers demand.

Suffice to say; absence of social media and online publicity in management of businesses only keeps the company with a limited and fractional idea of clients’ opinions and satisfaction antidotes.

It is on this premise and more that we introduce a blueprint in conformity with growth techniques of global brands.

We are therefore poised to launch your brand into the desired patronage and visibility as our team integrates all strategies towards achieving that.

We look forward to a fruitful working relationship with you.




This is a professional social network that has proved effective in connecting people to trusted contacts.

Very many VIPs are on LinkedIn and it is easy to match and connect your profiles with them. It also avails the opportunity of meeting other hospitality professionals. That can aid in exchange of knowledge and opportunities.

We plan to match your brand with professional groups


This social media tool is regarded as a small but mighty blog. It gives guests peep into what is new, plans, events going down, new price slash etc. without even writing the entire information. It’s like flash information which creates curiosity and drives traffic to the company’s website.

Every management decisions, announcements and releases are thrown to the public via tweets as teasers.


The value of YouTube on business development and sales maximization can be well appreciated when the brand values video productions and archiving.

YouTube is a website that allows uploading, sharing and viewing of new videos. With this, it is lot easier to share clips of the last AGM, Customers Week, End of Year Awards, etc.


This very popular social networking site which had its CEO Mark Zuckerberg visit Nigeria has proved itself as one marketing tool worth embracing. Its reach is unimaginable as it’s a bridge across generations, status and race. Whether old or young, introvert or extrovert, there seems to be a steady interest on having a glimpse of face book on whatever device.

With this, we can drive in marketing of products and packages, track lost customers with a view to getting them back on board, share pictures from meetings and events, etc.


This is another social networking tool that has helped connectivity among individuals and brands. Imagine when you follow the CEO of the Company on Instagram or a VIP customer, you tend to feel the pulse of happenings around the individual steadily. It tends to build a bond needful for better working relationships.

The above-mentioned tools AND MORE will be deployed by our team towards connecting your brand to the world, boosting brand visibility and reach while maximizing sales.


We plan to achieve the aforementioned mileage through the following

  • We will conduct a Video Interview in form of documentary for your brand
  • Frequent updates in activities, releases, and news on our social media platforms.
  • Connection of the brands to wide range of contacts in related industries.
  • Publishing of minimum of 10 posts on our social media pages daily
  • Organizing of freebies for fans on our social media pages
  • Special mention by our site contributors (Twice weekly)
  • Introduction of your brand to our event vendor’s directory
  • Permanent display of your brand logo on the homepage of Eventnews’ website


We believe that your company, with its colossal network and reputation will benefit the following from this association:

  • Increased brand awareness
  • Sales Maximization
  • Boost in customer service relationship and management
  • Better avenue for research and development
  • Medium for evaluation, appraisal and monitoring of brand reputation
  • Target of active audience
  • Creation of new business opportunities 
  • An opportunity to create and/or reinforce public awareness of your company/services as a brand with high level of social responsibility.
  • A spevial article will be composed for your brand and circulated across all our social media accounts
  • Lay down the foundation for future brand loyalty and paving way for new market entry.
  • An opportunity to penetrate and establish a relationship with unique and potentially massive target audience which is currently underserved.
  • Drawing a high singular viewership of your brand which will ultimately improve brand ratings.
  • Generate revenue through sales of products/services.
  • An opportunity to showcase your company’s many offering through advertising, merchandising and other creative avenues which this blog will provide.
  • Exposure to millions of webcasts via YouTube.
  • Post production accreditation.


Onyemah Michael

Michael Onyemah is the CEO and founder of Eventnews Africa. He is a young Entrepreneur, a web developer, system engineer, IT Solutions provider and an event journalist. In 2014, he Onyemah Michael created the Nigeria #1 promoter of eventEventnews Africa’ and today, the brand represents an international brand, with Michael having been involved in a wide range of media endeavors.
Onyemah Michael is a computer science graduate from Yaba College of Technology.

Mrs. Jessica Okoli

Jessica Okoli is a serial entrepreneur, a marketing consultant and a business development strategist. Her overall experience in marketing and entrepreneurship has impacted immensely on youth, women and children. Jessica Okoli is the pioneer of Zigbo Apps .com, which she started this year after 3 yrs of being in digital marketing, which she sees as a foundation for every business and career.

Jessica Okoli is a serial entrepreneur, a marketing consultant and a business development strategist. Her overall experience in marketing and entrepreneurship has impacted immensely on youth, women and children. Jessica Okoli is the pioneer of, which she started this year after 3years of being in digital marketing. She sees this as a foundation for every business and career.

Jessica Okoli is also the Managing Consultant at Success Box Ltd, a subsidiary of Reality Trade Concept Limited specially dedicated to take charge of all it’s educational consultancy, career development, passion/skill acquisition programs and Bespoke corporate business communication training.

Jessica is married with three children among whom are two brilliant twin boys.

Francis Ogwo

Francis Ogwo is a cinematographer, brand development consultant, Agro-consultant and Television producer.

He is the CEO of Goldpalm Media Consults specialized in scriptwriting, documentaries, artiste management, events management, corporate profiling and branding. He also started Godiya Foods which specializes in processing of agricultural value chain and farmers training.

Having carved a niche for himself as a print journalist on several platforms including Kaduna Chronicle Newspapers, Liberator Newspapers, Hello Nigeria among others, he moved into television in 2008 as a Producer/Correspondent on Rhythm FM and Silverbird Television.

He is a graduate of Agricultural Extension and Management, Higher National Diploma from Forestry Research Institute of Nigeria and also a member of Independent Television Producers Association of Nigeria(ITPAN).

Francis is married to beautiful Bisola and they are blessed with two daughters Onyinyechi and Amarachi.


We believe that the online experience of Nigerians can be enhanced by bringing to them platform of this quality. It is only by partnering with brands like yours and stakeholders that we can realize effective utilization of the ‘online time’ of Nigerians to derive maximum satisfaction.

We also understand you want targeted exposure, solid and long term profitable business relationship, minimize cost and maximize profit, etc .That’s exactly what we seek to provide through Eventnews Africa. We would like to give you maximum targeted exposure from our end.

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