How to get a smart business loan in Nigeria

Borrowing capital for your startup business is a tricky business in itself. But do you know that small business loans don’t always require a mountain of paperwork or require you to sign your life away. In fact, there are many options these days for small businesses in any financial situation to receive financial support. Most small business loans, especially those guaranteed by the Small Business Administration, require the borrower to put up personal collateral. This gives the lender a peace at mind in case the borrower is not able to return payment.

But what if your small business doesn’t have any collateral yet to guarantee? You may be asking yourself, “can I get a loan without collateral” and wondering if an un-collateralized loan is out of your league. But wonder no more – there are in fact lenders out there who will provide you with funding even without collateral!

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The Smart Loan Product helps you to get loans at your fingertips without collateral at affordable interest rates with a speed of disbursal of not more than 60mins from the time of request.

The Smart Loan is a micro lending product offered by Aledin Nano Limited in conjunction with Airtel and Access Bank leveraging on the mobile money platform called Access Money.

To qualify for Smart Loan, you need to be an Airtel and Mobile Money customer and have the following criteria:

  •  Above the age of 18
  • have registered as an Airtel Customer for 90+ days
  • have an active Mobile Money Account
  • have NO outstanding loan with ALEDIN at the time of application
  • have NO historic negative payment behavior with ALEDIN.

To get Smart Loans simply dial *903# and choose Smart Loan from the given menu and enter your Mobile Money pin.

Choose whether you want to take a loan, repay it or know more about Smart Loan.

To take a loan, choose the loan amount you need, choose in how many days you would like to repay the loan, confirm the loan, agree to the terms and conditions, wait for your loan to be confirmed and your loan amount will be instantly deposited in your Mobile Money account.


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