Business Launches to Allow Users Buy and Sell Made-in-Nigeria Fashion Goods, an online platform which aims to encourage made in Nigeria fashion products has been launched in Nigeria. Mykmary Fashion House is focused on developing an online marketplace for the trading of fashion products that are made in or are from Nigeria.

It’s not news that there are millions of Nigerian fashion designers and makers of fashion products, but only a few have been able to come to the fore. Due to this, many Nigerian have gotten used to purchasing foreign products and services. Not because same are not available in the Nigeria market but because the Nigerian fashion products are not given the necessary publicity.

A lot is being done to promote made-in-Nigeria fashion goods, as foreign products have taken over pushing local manufacturers behind the scene. is a platform contributing to this fight by providing local fashion designers and manufacturers an avenue to sell their products, without having to compete for attention with foreign-made fashion brands.

The platform was designed exclusively to allow users buy and sell made-in-Nigeria fashion goods. Categories on the platform includes almost all aspect of fashion.

The online platform  helps with payment processing and delivery logistics. Customers can also rate and review the quality of products they have purchased.

The idea of Mykmary Fashion House is laudable and is sure to help strengthen the efforts to make Nigerians embrace locally made fashion goods.

How to become a vendor with Mykmary Fashion House

You must apply to become a vendor with Visit to apply. Once your application has been reviewed they will respond to you within 24hrs as to how to proceed. They ask for applications to ensure that all products retailed on continue to be of the excellent high-standards that Mykmary Fashion House is known for.

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