How to start a Mini Importation Business in Nigeria

Are you interested in knowing how to start your own mini importation business in Nigeria? then you have the right information here. With over 150 million people in Nigeria there is no way starting a mini importation business can’t be one of the most successful business opportunities in Nigeria.

Don’t Read this unless You want to add an Extra N150k to your monthly income. Are you in? Then follow me through the mini importation series.

Well now that you can perform such things like online importation business in Nigeria you can easily cut down the cost of traveling to such countries and even remove extra expense such as commission earnings from middle men or so called business agents, which means you end up with more profit than expected.

“An Open Letter to Any Smart Nigerian Who Wants to Make An Extra Income Of N150,000 Monthly Importing Items From ASIA,USA at Cheaper Prices & Reselling Here in Nigeria.

Some hot selling goods you can start online importation business in Nigeria

  • Candle (With Sweet Fragrance Used For Decorations)
  • Power Bank: Nobody likes carrying a smartphone without empty battery.
  • Memory Cards: To save those precious files.
  • Apple: Because an apple a day keeps the doctor away. We love apples!
  • Ear Phones: For music lovers
  • Decoder: DSTV, Startimes, Gotv, etc.
  • Screen Guard: To protect your screen
  • Car Trackers: When you need to track your unsuspecting driver’s whereabouts.
  • Wireless Server: You know what it is. All things wireless.
  • Hair Extensions: Ladies love their hair extensions.
  • Games: To keep boredom at bay.
  • Wrist Watches: To monitor their tight schedule.
  • Camera: Who doesn’t need to capture beautiful moments such as weddings, birthdays, seminars, etc.?
  • Chargeable Lamps/Solar Lamps: Because of epileptic power supply by PHCN.
  • Printers: Because people need to print documents and business cards.
  • Scanners: To scan documents in offices.
  • Phone Screens: To protect smartphone screens from cracking when it falls on the floor.
  • Beehives: For bee farmers.
  • Vacuum Cleaners: To clean the homes of the nouveau rich.
  • Books (Textbooks): Because every student needs notebooks to pour in the knowledge they learn daily.
  • CCTV Cables: Needed to secure a location from theft.
  • CCTV Cameras: Security cameras – banks, hotels, and businesses need this.
  • Projectors: For summits, events, seminars and demo presentations.
  • Phone Panels: It’s a no-brainer, really.
  • Clothes: To look good and confident.
  • Shoes: We all need shoes on our feet.
  • Fashion Bags: Nigerian ladies love to own one in their wardrobe.
  • Fabrics: for looking good at owambe parties.
  • Beddings: to make our sleep more comfortable.
  • New Under Garments: We need to feel good.
  • Lawn Mowing Machines: For maintaining beautiful gardens and lawns across homes and cities.
  • Fumigating Machines: To keep those annoying pests at bay in offices and homes.
  • Computer Accessories: a must-have for a functional computer or laptop.
  • Cookers: So our wives, aunties and mothers can keep serving us those delicious meals without stress.
  • Electric Bulbs: Let there be light in our homes and offices! Nobody loves groping in the dark.
  • Motor Parts: So our cars remain on the roads and not in the garage. Even mechanics need those.
  • Tricycle Parts: For our Keke Marwa/tricycle owners to remain in the transportation business.
  • Generator Parts: Until our electricity becomes constant, we will continue to buy generators.
  • Motorcycle Parts: For our millions of Okada riders.
  • Electronic Home Appliances: For a fully functional home and happy housewife.
  • Car Batteries: “I love it when my car battery refuses to start”, said no car owner ever.
  • Car Stereos: For car owners to listen to while caught up in traffic jams.
  • Electrical Equipment: For powering the nation’s energy resources.
  • Clinical Equipment: For medical treatment and surgical operations.
  • Musical Instruments: For our music artists to entertain their adoring fans.
  • Building Materials: For building construction companies and landlords.
  • Female Make-Up Kits: Because our ladies love their makeup to be on fleek!
  • Sports Kits: For sportsmen and women and lovers of fitness.
  • Laboratory Equipment: For the medical and health care industries.
  • New Toys: Both kids and adults need toys for various reasons.

Before You Read Any Further,

Let me expose some of the lies you’ve been told in the past regarding importation of goods from abroad.

I am 100 percent sure you are on this page because of ONE thing, you want a means to earn extra income.

You are either wanting this extra income to augment your present job, or as a full time business in absence of 9-5 job, or probably add to your current streams of income.

Anyhow it is, I want to state categorically that you are on the right page. I would like you to take every word on this letter serious as I reveal to you the brand new methods of starting a highly profitable Mini Importation business with as low as N15,000 and grow it to a N150k and above monthly income without going abroad or breaking custom laws.

Inside this letter, you are about to discover the amazing new discovery in online importation business, and how any serious person can start and successfully run an online mini importation business in Nigeria with capital as low as N15,000 and make up to N150,000 monthly.

My name is Anu Otudero and with the permission of my partner Oniyide Michael Gbadebo. I would be introducing you to a highly lucrative business venture you probably have not heard of or have not taken seriously. I am an Internet Business Entrepreneur with more than 4 years of experience.

I run various internet businesses under my firm, Netprofit Marketing Enterprise, which is registered under the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC).

Some of the internet business we run ranges from Mobile Marketing, Information Publishing to Importation Business.

Aside that, we also teach and coach Nigerians like you how to start up a Profitable Business online and offline.

What is Mini Importation Business in Simple English?

It has to do with importing quality items online and reselling them here in Nigeria for a profit.

Almost anybody can venture into this mini importation business because

  • It does not require large start up capital
  • It does not require you to own an office (you can run the business from the comfort of your home/office)
  • You don’t need to get license from the government to operate the business
  • There is NO custom wahala involved in this business

Anyone with good knowledge in the business can do it, and it does not matter if you are a…

  • Teacher
  • Civil Servant
  • Business owner
  • Youth Corper
  • Unemployed Graduate
  • Secretary
  • University or Polytechnic student, etc.

          There are 5 main tools that you need to get started with this business

1. A valid home address or office address – that you will use to receive your goods/items

2. A Mastercard or visa card issued from any Nigerian Bank – You will need this to make payment for the items or goods you want to import

3. Start-up capital for the business

4. The online import portals (or the websites that you would be importing from)

5. Access to my Mini Importation Business Guide

How Profitable is the Mini Importation Business

  and How Much Capital is Needed?

The Mini Importation Business is very profitable and the reason is quite simple

It’s because Nigeria is a consuming country. Most things used here in Nigeria are been brought in from outside the country and resold here. Trust me you can import most items to Nigeria and sell them easily, especially if you know the tricks of the trades.

And that I am also going to reveal to you.

This is a completely different approach to Mini Importation Business, and this is a best kept secret that has been hardly revealed.

Here, what I am about to reveal to you is the import portals where you will get hot selling quality items at cheap prices.

You are also going to discover how to get highly demanded items at cheap prices from online stores and how you will be able to resell them here in Nigeria for very good profits.

To get started…

Let Me Show You Some of the Fast
Selling Items That You Should Import
and Earn up to 200 – 300 Percent Profits…

These items are wanted here in large quantities infact I can tell you that the demand is more than the supply.

How do I know this, well I don’t only talk ..I practice what I preach unlike some shitty ebook sellers who havent imported a dime. Truth is these items are in high demand and you will be able to double or triple your investment if you import them down to Nigeria and resell them.

Some of the items I am talking about are:

1. Power Banks and Solar Chargers: The main reason why power banks and solar chargers sell more in Nigeria is simple.

It’s because of our poor electric power supply. These stuff sells like crazy especially for those that are regular travelers. Even in the villages you will find it

These power banks sells like crazy.

I import them for as low as $4 which is N900 naira (@225 per dollar) I sell it online and offline between up to N2,500 to N3,00 depending on the quantity the person is buying.

As you can see below, you can easily get them at $4 per piece.

Or even start with buying 10 pieces @ $4 each. That is around N9,000.

When you resell each of them for N3,000 each or more… you will end up with profit of around N21,000 just from this single transaction after removing your capital.

Here’s some of the  power banks which I imported recently.

I use it to charge my Tablet and Blackberry. The capacity is superb and it lasts long.

2. Tablets and PCs: Most people in Nigeria love using Android and Windows Tablets , especially the workers, students etc.

You can easily get these tablets at extremely cheap prices in my secret import portals, pay peanuts for the shipping, and also sell them fast here in Nigeria.

For example, you can get this windows Tablet for only $83.5 (that is around N17,535).


Online shopping stores like Jumia and Konga sell these tablets for N40,000.

Now let’s say you order for 2 pieces and sell each of them at N35,000 each.

That leaves you with a profit of N35,000.

That is me with some of the tabs I imported recently using this method


3. Car Scratch Repair Pen: This is one of the hottest selling items because of the high demand of it.

In populated areas especially in Lagos, most car owners have to face traffic and busy roads that means car scratches are inevitable.

I was experiencing this too and I decided to import this car scratch repair pen to help me repair the scratches on my car.

So no need to pay money to my mechanic to repair a few scratches anymore. And it removes the scratches without a trace.

The Scratch Repair Pen cost $0.98 each, that is around N205.

Here in Nigeria, it is been sold for as much as N1,000. See it below
Can You see the profit potential?

You will be able to make as much as N800 profit from each Scratch Repair Pen that you sell. And let’s say you sell up to 100 pieces of this amazing, that is N80,000 profit.

I am sure you will be able to do this using some of the marketing secrets and methods that I reveal in the Importation guide.

You can even sell this faster by going over to churches and bank where you car have access to car owners and sell it to them. If you are the shy type you can get 2 young ladies to sell it for you and give them commission per sale. sayN200 for every sale, with this you can sell up to 10 pcs daily.

This is just a tip of the iceberg of the marketing tricks I reveal inside my mini import guide. I will tell you how to get it at the end of this letter)

4. Wrist Watches: Like it or not, wrist watches are fast selling items… you just have to know the right way to sell it.

Take a look at the Unisex Military Leather Wrist Watch, that are selling for $4.48 each.

That is around N1,000 for each when you convert it to naira.

The same wrist watch is being sold on one of the popular ecommerce stores here in Nigeria for N4,000.

Even if you are able to resell 10 pieces of this wrist watch, you can sell yours at N4,000 each and you will be able to make profit of N30,000 as it come with free shipping

5. Car Wash Device:

This is another hot selling item in Nigeria. The car wash device below sells for $38.55 which is around N8,060.


Do you know that dealers in this car wash device will happily pay you N16,000 for this item?

That means you will be able to make profit of N8,000 from every single deal.

And that is just scratch the surface, you can simply go further by designing creative flyers and going house to house to sell this to car owners especially those that have more than 1.

If you sell 50 pieces of this car wash device, you will profit N400,000.

And yes, it is possible for you to achieve this.

It is just taken massive action, and that starts with getting the knowledge inside my mini import report.

6. Original Football Jerseys and Sportwears: As you already know, Nigeria is a football-loving country.

If you go over to websites like Nairaland or Konga, you will see that a lot of people are selling club and countries jerseys.

Lots of people buy these jerseys for as much as N8,000. Some stores even sell them at N10,000.

You can decide to import these jerseys from the secret import portal for just $8 (that is, N1,300) and sell them at N5,000.

Below is a picture of me wearing a sample of the one I imported not quite is of high quality.

These are just a few of the hot items that you should import, and resell them here in Nigeria and still end up with 200 – 300 percent profits.

But There’s More…

Let Me Show You Some of the other Items that
I import as well, known as Specialty Products…

These specialty items are hard to find in Nigerian markets, and you will make loads of profit importing them and reselling them here in Nigeria.

One of such items are Sex products…
This is among the product which I import, and I get them cheap at $3.5 each. Here in Nigeria, I resell them at N8,000 for each one. Below is a picture of me with some of it

This is a highly profitable business, no doubt.

The honest truth is this: for you to succeed in the importation business, you need to know the secret of importing highly demanded low-priced items and reselling them in Nigeria for much higher prices.

What about these “Silicone Breast Enhancer”
or “Breast Push up Bra” for the Ladies

They are selling on my secret import portals for a discounted price of $2.49, that is around N560.

Most ladies buy this product, and it sell off like crazy at the cheap price.

Guess How Much They are Sold Here in Nigeria?


They are sold at N1,950… this means you will be able to make almost three times your investment on this single item.

This is kind of profit you should be making with the importation business and guess what, you can START with very small Capital.

Another hot selling item is…

Hair Growth /Anti Hair loss..this is specifically for women who want has short hair or want to avoid hair loss. Some men do use or buy for their woman too.

Lets talk about making money from the wonderful product.

As you can see a bottle of it sells for $1.93 on my secret import portal which is just approximately N450. Now if you are buying say 10 pcs you would pay like N2,500 for shipping of the whole 10 pcs

Total cost: (N450x10) + N2,500 (shipping fee) =N7,000

That is about N700 per 1 piece.

Let me shock you…Would you believe we sell this same thing on Konga for N3,500 per piece.

See it for yourself.

When you sell the 10 pieces @ N3,500 each you get N35,000. Minus your cost price of N7,000

That is a whooping N28,000 and you can sell this all in a week. Just by following the strategies I explaineth to you inside my guide.

Now lets talk about you.
So How Can You Get Started Right Away
with the Mini Importation Business

I have created a complete step-by-step report that reveals how any serious person can get started with the business importing quality items online starting with capital as low as N10,000 and making profit of N150,000 – N250,000 monthly.

Here is a fraction of what you will discover in this Guide;

How to get started as a mini importer in the next 72 hours, even if you are dead broke like I was when I started out – you’ll so love this… those fake run off the mill experts dont know this. I am cock sure some of them would buy this blueprint to learn this tip alone.

The only 5 secret 100% guaranteed import website portal where wholesalers in China, U.S.A and co display their products so you can buy them without leaving your bedroom. These portals are where you can do all your mini importation business without fear of been scammed.

What the term “brother-in-law” mean and how to use it to get massive discounts.

My fail-proof method of verifying a seller to ascertain their genuineness  and transparency.

How to determine hot and high profit products that is guaranteed to sell.

How to make every payment for your order with your normal ATM card (yes, the same ATM issued by your bank…be it VISA, MASTERCARD

The 2 step verification that helps you differentiate genuine seller from a scammer. I cant over-emphasize how valuable this is. am cork sure you dont want to lose your hard earned money.

How to compare prices and quality.

How to get seller or manufacturer to brand their products with your name absolutely FREE for example if you are importing the Power-banks I showed you above and your business name is Nexus Technology, you get Nexus Tech inscribed on the power banks you wish to import. This presents you as an authority in the business, goes a long way in attracting buyers and ultimately jacks up your profits.

How to track shipments and confirm deliveries – what you must not do before shipment.

I will also teach you my advance marketing and sales system that will help you double and triple sales without spending any kobo on advertising.

 The marketing strategies I would be sharing are not limited to online alone. There quite a number of offline strategies too like the one I shared above.

and many more interesting tips

Okay, How Much Would it Cost to Get A Copy Of The Mini Importation Business Guide ?

When you look at what you are getting with the bonuses and the value inside the report. I can easily price this report for N10,000.

Even though it is still worth every penny at that price, but the purpose would be defeated;

Yes the purpose to help as many Nigerians as possible quit the rat race and break up with poverty. I have decided to price it very low such that it will take only an unserious person not to jump on this.

N3,500 only!

But this will be for only the next 5 days after which the price goes back to N7,500 till it reaches its normal fee.

A Very Short Time!

You see, I intend increasing the price of the Mini Importation Guide because I’m actually going to advertise this offer elsewhere online.

I intend selling it there for N7,500.

But for the next 5 days you don’t have to pay that amount…

What you have to pay is only N3,500.

But That Is Not All…

When you take advantage of this offer today, and you are among the first 50 people.

Apart from receiving the Mini Importation Guide as stated above…

You will also get a 4 SPECIAL BONUSES as well.

The First Special Bonus Report is titled:

Special Bonus #1

“25 Production Biz You Can Start With as Low as N1,000”

If you are a salary earner, student, corper, civil servant, graduate or even a stay-at-home-mum etc., and you are looking for an extra income stream… then this is perfect for you.

Inside this special package, you will get access to training materials on how to start more than 25 offline businesses with a start up capital of N1,000 or less.

You can even do them in the comfort of your home.

One of this offline production business now fetches a close friend of mine an average of N50,000 monthly by producing a commodity that sells very well.”

The Second Extra Bonus is…

Special Bonus #2

“Loan Without Collateral Report”

A Complete Step by Step Guide That Reveals How Anyone Can Get Access to Quick Loan Without Collateral Here in Nigeria”


Special Bonus #3

“Recharge Card Printing Business Report”

A Comprehensive guide on how you too can start printing recharge card and make truckload of profit from it. It is a must read!


Special Bonus #4

“60 Days Support and Mentorship”

I’ll give you access to join my whatsapp number where you can always ask questions and get answers to it fast for FREE.

This means you will get my full support, you can also call me on phone and ask any questions regarding your mini importation business.

You will get the support and mentorship for the next 60 Days .

To further sweeten the deal,we are backing this up with a No question asked 100 percent money back guaranty.

That is how certain I am about this Mini Importation Business Blueprint ,it has worked for me and my students, am sure it will work for you.

Here’s How to Order For
The Mini Importation Guide Plus the 4 Bonuses Today at the
Discount Price.


Here’s How To Get Your Copy!

Step One: Make a deposit for =N=3,500 into the bank account below:

Note – If you have internet banking, you can do an online/mobile transfer too. Just send the screen shot or quote the transaction reference ID with other details as requested below.

Bank Name GT Bank Plc

Account Name –   Oniyide Michael Gbadebo

Account Number –    0164541334

ORBank Name First Bank Plc

Account Name –   Oniyide Michael Gbadebo

Account Number –    3078259914

ORBank Name Skye Bank Plc

Account Name –   Oniyide Michael Gbadebo

Account Number –    1130123789

Step 2 – After making the payment, send your payment details to
  08035081612 OR 09081663008 with” Paid for Import Guide” The Payment details that you have to send are:

1. Depositor’s name
2. Your email Address
3. Bank paid to

Once your payment has been confirmed, the Mini Importation Blueprint Course and the bonuses will be sent to you through your email within 1 hour so that you can download it instantly and you’ll be notified.

Kindly follow the above instructions to avoid delay in delivery of your order.



 Anu Otudero  &  Oniyide Michael Gbadebo
Want More Info
or Have Questions? Call Me on    08035081612 OR 09081663008

P.S. – Remember, “time is very much of the essence”. If you miss out on the chance to get the Mini Importation Business Guide now at the discount price… you will end up paying more than double or triple, and also have yourself to blame for the lost opportunity.

The introductory discount price of the Mini Importation Business Guide will increase 5 days from now.

Get yourself a copy today while the price is still low.



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