How to hit your dream jobs in Nigeria

Getting the dream job in Nigeria seems to be the song in every intending graduate’s mouth; as it goes in the case of graduates. Be that as it may, practically; the more they apply for job, the more disappointed thy get. Some don’t get invites for interviews while some get, but they don’t get called back for an offer. Did you just say ‘it’s a pity’? Sure, it is. It is a pity that many applicants don’t fall into the category of smart ones. LEARN TO BE SMART

How to hit your dream jobs?

  • Identify yourself as a product
  • Understand the product
  • Create a winning CV
  • Open up to opportunities
  • Be unforgettable at interviews
  • Sign on the dotted lines

A complete observance of the aforementioned golden rules gives you every job that you apply for. The first three would be expatiated in this edition while the later three comes in subsequent edition of this publication.

  • Identify yourself as a product; a product is designed to quench the thirst for certain needs, as you are created to solve a problem for an employer. Now the question is do you see yourself as a product? And do you think if you were in the shoes of the employer, you would buy ‘you’?
  • Understand the product. Every product has its own peculiarities and fits in to solve different problems or satisfy different wants. Hence, it becomes of utmost importance to study yourself and identity your strong point. With this, you know the kind of employer to present yourself to and at what time.
  • Create A winning CV/Resume: Maybe I have to remind you, that your resume is the first point of contact with your employer; it determines whether or not the employer invites you for a test/interview. Funny enough, the employer might not even see your resume as there are designed software for screening out resumes; most recruiting firms and organizations now use these software. Hence, an urgent need arises for you to reconstruct your resume to pass through these software’s and raise the appetite of your employer to meet you. The following questions should however be considered:


  • What are the words that a resume need to pass through any software successfully?
  • What arrangement do employers look out for in resumes?
  • When are you expected to include references in your resume and otherwise?
  • How do you conquer the monster in interviews?
  • All answers would be found in the next edition of the campus CEO magazine.

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