Eventnews Africa Launches Mobile App

In a bid to advance its market reach and ICT adaptability, Eventnews Africa has launched its Android Mobile App on Google Play Store..

Click here to download Eventnews Africa mobile App

Eventnews Africa mobile app is designed for the upward mobile readers, who want to keep tab with events happening across Africa.

According to the CEO of Eventnews Africa, Eventnews Africa mobile app is not only easy to download but also user-friendly.

Click here to download Eventnews Africa mobile App

“We carefully and painstakingly created the app identity, in line with our culture of uniqueness and exactitude. It took some time to create and launch our first official Eventnews Africa Mobile App because we wanted to get it right,” he said.

We are geared towards capturing every detail of events ranging from Birthday parties, Musical shows/concerts, burial ceremonies, baby dedications, wedding/wedding anniversaries, house warming, bridal showers, company’s outdoor projects, etc and showing a glimpse of it to the world.

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Click here to download Eventnews Africa mobile App

Written by Michael Onyemah

Michael Onyemah is the CEO and founder of Eventnews Africa. He is a young Entrepreneur, a web developer, system engineer and IT Solutions provider.

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