Blueprint Secrets To Wealth: Things The Rich know That The Poor Never Knew

Get ready to unlock the Blueprint Secrets To Wealth.  Things The Rich know That The Poor Never Knew. Read this to Unlock the Secret of Wealth That the Poor Never Knew. This article was written by Paul, a young vibrant Nigerian who is driven by the passion to have financial freedom through multiple stream of income.

Good day everyone. I am Mr Paul. I’ll like to applaud everyone who have taken his/her time to read this article and those that have being reading my previous articles both within Nigeria and around the globe.
This article is basically on request because most people who criticize really don’t know what it takes and how it works.




Firstly, I will like to say, if you have a JOB, its fine and wonderful but it is only temporary. Every job has an expiring date. The race between Man and Machine has begun and man is loosing. Scientist project that 20years from now over 80% of the Jobs available now would be taken over by Machines and as i write this article (October 2015) most sectors are already feeling it. Let me prove that to you;

1. In the stock market, most of the stocks being traded are computed and outlayed by machines. so the stock brokers are loosing their JOBs.


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