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Brand Focus: SOCIAL MEDIA – The New Gold Mine!

Social media has become the new Gold mine. Every organisation or business worth its salt takes having a social media presence seriously. The social dynamics of the 21st century demands constant communication between an organisation and its audience. Not only is Social Media a veritable medium of advertisement, but it is also a contrivance for maintaining long term relationship between organisations and their clients as well as attending to the queries and enquires of new customers.

A vibrant social media presence also helps in improving the image of any organisation and business. However, having a social media presence is not enough, the real task lies in keeping a vibrant presence on the web. Most organisations that understand the importance of a strong social media presence often contract the task to the professionals.


With our team of professional brand and marketing consultants and our experience as the first events-centric website in Africa, you can be rest assured that your brand is in good hands. Not only are we versatile with the mechanism that maintains social interactions between a business and its clients, but our aggressive marketing will ensure that your good and services resonate with the targeted audience.


There are so many social media platforms that the number one problem that most organisation encounter is how to determine which platform best suits their niche. Below is a short overview of each of the most popular social media platforms and some of our strategies to win you customers:


The oldest and the most populated of all the social media platforms with over one billion active users, the platform has become the favourite hotbed of businesses that want to reach a more diverse demography. The success of many businesses over the year has been built on the interpersonal relationship they were able to maintain with their customer base on Facebook. Many organisations have relied on a reward-based system as one of the ways of engaging with their clientele.


LinkedIn is the go-to social media platform for many corporate organisations. It is the medium where many organisations share information about their research, vacancies and projections. It is the most formal of all the social media platform. If we become your social media handler, we will ensure that the activities of your organisation do not escape the notice of your clients and prospective customers.


Twitter is the most buzzy and also the busiest of all the social media as the platform prides itself on disseminating real-time information. Hence, keeping a round the clock twitter account is sacrosanct in today’s business. Your customers’ enquiries will be attended to real time if you trust us with your social media profile. We will engage them in many activities that will ensure that your business remains relevant in the cyber space.

Are you considering engaging professionals to handle your social media presence? We are conversant with these practices and we promise to incorporate them in order to ensure that your organisation receives the best exposure on the web.

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