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Miss Heritage Nigeria Beauty Pageant 2015

The National Heritage Awards & Miss Heritage Beauty Pageant is on-going. This pageant tends to promotes the African and Nigerian cultural heritage. In spite of the foregoing negatives, Africa and Africans have a very rich heritage and culture that could be articulated and propagated to the outside world.

It is intended to showcase the positive and beneficial aspects of African and Nigerian cultural heritage outside what is portrayed in most international media as a continent bedeviled with famine, deadly diseases, natural disasters, political instabilities, economic profligacy and dependence.

Why Miss Heritage

To showcase African Beauty, that will serve as a vehicle for personal development and promotion of African cultural appreciation. Contestants shall be evaluated on their intelligence, physical appearance, com-portability, fashion and style with focus on African/Nigerian Cultural promotion. Winners will be exposed to representing her country nationwide and internationally. She will be able to instill the values and knowledge of our cultural heritage in her everyday life. She will also go for talk shows, campaigns and road shows to promote African/Nigerian heritage and culture and she would also exhibit our rich cultural heritage in other African countries during their cultural events.


Nigeria being a Society with abundant rich Cultural Heritage such as: Language, Marriage rites, Burial rites, Birth rites, Dressing, Greetings, Music, Folklore and Religions as well as other Cultural Monuments, Natural Sites and Cultural Landscapes, that are scattered within the diverse Ethnic Naturalization. It is lamentable to observe that some of these Cultures have died, due to Western Cultural influence and therefore needed to be revitalized by the Nigerian Government. Furthermore, there is serious lack of Co-ordination of Nigerian Cultural Heritage between the Federal Ministry of Culture and the States.


Many Nigerians are not even aware of the Nigerian Culture due to the fact that Cultural Knowledge and Practice are not included in the Nigerian Educational Curricula. Likewise our Libraries and Information Science in Nigeria are grossly inadequate of Resources in terms of: Steady Power Supply, Computer Literacy, Cultural Website etc. Considering the uncertainty of the effect of Globalization of Nigeria’s Cultural Heritage as a unifying factor or further widening of the Ethnic Cultural diversities. The only option left is to pursue the present course of emphasis along State Groupings. Therefore in the absence of Globalization and Internet which would otherwise, allow Cultural Heritage of different Tribes in Nigeria to be uploaded, downloaded and accessed by other people. The only option left is to project the Cultural Identity of Nigeria via: The National Heritage Awards & Miss Heritage Nigeria Beauty Pageant, where knowledgeable demonstration of the different Ethnic Statecultures are competitively showcased and by extension serves as a source of revitalizing our divergent Cultural Heritage for National Unity & Identity.

How to Apply

  Step One

Make Payment at any GT Bank branch, the sum of N5,000.

  Account Name: Caries Grooming Agency.

  Acct No: 0106512813.

Step Two

You can purchase forms from Airtel office in the above listed locations
Kogi – no 51 okene kabba road or yisab telecom at ganaja junction beside ostrich beackry.
Abuja – 26A Ademola Adetokunbo crescent, wuse 2 Abuja, by standard chartered bank.
Kaduna –  no 4, Yakubu Gowon way, kaduna. Beside post office

NOTE: On purchase of forms, show your teller to the seller attendant.

the miss heritage Nigeria form and an Airtel sim card will be given to you.

Register it there, and fill in the number in the contact space on the form.

this number will be used to reach you. so it should be on always for easy communication. thanks

for those that can’t get the forms in the listed location
should Download the Application form here: Application Form.

filling  the above number in the airtel sim park and come with it to the audition ground.

for more info. call 08025765119

Step Three

Print and attach the Rules to your application form

Step Four

Attach the Bank Teller to the Forms and bring them along with you to the Audition Venue.

For More Information pls Call 08025765119 08025765112

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