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Minister inaugurates beauty pageant for ‘curvy women’


Minister of State for Tourism in Uganda, Mr Godfrey Kiwanda, has inaugurated a beauty pageant for “curvy women” in a bid to boost the tourism earnings of the country.

Miss Curvy is said to be an event that will bring out the endowment of the real African woman. Also as an exceptional event that will see young ladies showcase their beautiful curves and intellect.

The pageant titled, ‘Miss Curvy Uganda’ is scheduled to hold in June, the minister brought a selection of the kind of women, the minister had in mind to the press conference.

“We have naturally endowed nice looking women, who are amazing to look at. Why don’t we use these people as a strategy to promote our tourism industry?”, Kiwanda wondered as he pointed at the ladies.

Mr Kiwanda added that while Uganda has long appreciated smaller bodied women as a hallmark of beauty, the curvy pageant is just another campaign aimed at appreciating beauty in diversity.

His stance was corroborated by the lead organiser for the beauty pageant, Ms Ann Mungoma, who believed that the pageant would be an opportunity for curvy ladies to show off their bodies.

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