African Queen of Lagos Pageant 2017 Holds This May

The 2017 edition of Nollyfans African Queen of Lagos appears to be a deviation from the norm in Nigeria beauty pageantry. The Nollyfans African Queen of Lagos State is designed to project the uniqueness of Lagos as well appreciating the developmental progress through the discovering of young talented girls between the ages of 13 to 16 years residing in Lagos State regardless of tribe and religion.

It’s tasked with the responsibilities of grooming and promoting young girls to greatness and making their dreams fulfilled. It is a pageant combines with brain, passion, love, interest and brilliance.
The African Queen of Lagos (Beauty and Brain) goes beyond the usual beauty pageant, rather it’s educative, interesting, informative, action and fun. Its activities go beyond fashion parade but more importantly, it serves the need for young girls to read extensively and be vast in other areas .

See photos from the last edition below.

Written by Michael Onyemah

Michael Onyemah is the CEO and founder of Eventnews Africa. He is a young Entrepreneur, a web developer, system engineer and IT Solutions provider.

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