#WAPIC2015: Corporate Sponsors At West African Power Industry Award – WAPIC

 2015 edition of West African Power Industry Award was a great success. Kudos to the corporate sponsors for their eminent support towards the success of the success of the event.

#WAPIC2015: Corporate Sponsors At West African Power Industry Award – WAPIC
2015 edition of West African Power Industry Award was a great success. Kudos to the corporate sponsors for their eminent support towards the success of the success of the event.

#WAPIC2015: The South African Electrical Engineering Sector

The South African Electrical Engineering Sector was on display at the West African Power Industry Convention 2015. South Africa has a dynamic electrical engineering sector that domestically generates revenues of around US$11.6 billion per annum. The local electrical engineering business sector comprises service providers into large infrastructure projects complemented by a wide range of product manufacturers and suppliers. Key player in the industry are also involved in contract utility management both locally and in a number of other developing countries.
South Africa is probably best known within this sub-sector as being a world leader in SMART metering and pre-payment metering. A great deal of the design work on these systems has been pioneered by South African engineers and the country is significant manufacturer of metering units with a number of multi-nationals choosing to make their South African operations custodians of the technology for the group. Allied to this, South African developed the STS (Standards Transfer Specification), an interconnectivity standard that allows for multiple sourcing of meters and which has now been adopted by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). South Africa has a base of about 4 million pre-payment meters and exports to over 60 countries.
Services that the electrical engineering sector can offer range from design, project management, contracting, manufacturing, operation, implementation, training and maintenance.
Their key area includes

  • Energy management, monitoring & protection
  • Revenue management
  • Utility management
  • Turnkey substation management, protection and control
  • Green Building’ energy efficiency systems.

South African companies have significant local production facilities and several multinational companies have set up local centres of excellence for global production. Products developed in South Africa take cognizance of the unique requirement of developing economies and have been designed to meet the needs of developing and emerging markets. Thus after sales support, maintenance and local capacity building are a key component of the product offering. Specifically, South Africa has production facilities for:
Generation and transmission
Mini substation; Three-phase step-up and step-down transformers up to 500kV, 800 MVA,
Only manufacturers of transformers large than200MVA in Africa
Transmission line components
Lighting – road and area, industry and security

#WAPIC2015: The 12th Annual West African Power Industry Convention

The 12th Annual West African Power Industry Convention took place on the 24th November, 2015 at the prestigious Eko Hotel & Suites, Lagos.
It was with great pleasure that the organizer welcomed participants and exhibitors to the annual event. The event is said to be the region’s largest strategic power and energy conference and exhibition. It is aimed at accelerating power supply and driving growth and prosperity within the region. According to the organizer,
This initiative would not be possible without the support from the Federal Ministry of Power, Nigeria and government organizations from across the region, along with our sponsors and esteemed advisory board who have supported us over the past 12 years.
The participants experience with the event will be invaluable and add further understanding of how to overcome the challenges faced by the West African power and energy sector today. We believe that WAPIC allows the industry to take another step in the direction; with forums dedicated to discussion of not only the strategic but also the practical issues surrounding financing power transformation, diversifying the energy mix, closing the metering gap and increasing the performance standards.
The event created a platform for participants to network with potential personalities, engage with and exhibitors and sponsors who are working on projects across the region. They was also display of hundreds of the most sophisticated products and exciting new technologies from local and global partners.
This year’s edition of Annual West African Power Industry Convention and award was a sold out success, so be sure to book your seat for 2016 edition. The organizers look forward to welcoming you to African Utility Week in May 2016 and the East African Power Industry Convention in September 2016.

#WAPIC2015: MOJEC International Limited — Building a world of Possibilities

MOJEC international is a market leader and innovator in metering and sub-metering. MOJEC manufactures, supplies, installs and maintains a high variety of high quality efficient and durable meters and smart grid devices incorporating the latest technology. An active player in the Nia power sector for 25years delivering quality products and services in the area of power generation, transmission, distribution and metering.
As we understand that in the metering industry quality is paramount, MOJEC is committed to provide high reliable and durable products. They believe quality comes from the attention to details and the sense of responsibility from the design and the choice of components from quality management to the meticulous testing process.
MOJEC extended its offering to include integrated energy management solution built around its power genie platform that incorporates smart metering automated collection and energy management. MOJEC is known for delivering quality turn-key solutions with rich features for every competitive price.
To contact MOJEC International Limited
244/246, Apapa Oshodi High Way.
Tel: +23417738393

#WAPIC2015: Only Ecobank Gives You The Network Advantage

Today, Ecobank is the leading pan-African bank with operations in 36 countries across the continent, more than any other bank in the world. Translating their loal knowledge into business opportunity. Transacting swiftly and securely across 36 countries. Transforming Africa’s economies with landmark deals. That’s what is called The Network Advantage.

Been the pan African bank, Ecobank has won some notable awards to her credit. This includes:

  • Best corporate bank in Nigeria, 2015 (Global Banking and Financial Revenue Awards).
  • Best bank in corporate banking (Business Day Annual Banking Arwards)
  • Investment bank of the year (Finance Awards 2014)
  • Infrastructure financing bank of the year (Nigeria Telecom Awards)
  • Best Nigeria trade bank (Trade Finance Awards for Excellence 2014)

Do you want a corporate and investment bank that gives you the network advantage, talk to Ecobank.

ETI, a public limited liability company, was established as a bank holding company in 1985 under a private sector initiative spearheaded by the Federation of West African Chambers of Commerce and Industry with the support of ECOWAS. In the early 1980’s the banking industry in West Africa was dominated by foreign and state-owned banks. There were hardly any commercial banks in West Africa owned and managed by the African private sector. ETI was founded with the objective of filling this vacuum.

#WAPIC2015: Channelling thoughts into deliverables | Momas System Nigeria

Momas System Nigeria limited happens to be one of the platinum sponsors of WAPIC (West African Power Industry Convention). Momas Electricity Meters Manufacturing Company Ltd(MEMMCOL) was incorporated in 2011 to produce energy meters, vending/management application and support services.
MEMMCOL has achieved antecedents and has the pedigree to upscale service delivery in the power sector, most especially in the metering subsector. With the product offerings, MEMMCOL’s mission is to improve efficiencies in the power sector in the West Africa region and beyond through products and services using cutting edge technologies.

#WAPIC2015: Spintelligent Training Academy | Delivering Values through Learning

Do you know that skills and knowledge development are key factors in driving growth and innovation in all companies and industries? Continuous training creates a more skilled and motivated workforce, providing a tangible return on investment for both the individual and the business.
The Spintelligent Training Academy has been created to provide industry relevant practical learning and development solutions for business of all size and scale. Spintelligent are committed to provide interactive training sessions and sector specific skills development designed to address the challenges faced by your business.
Spintelligent’s conferences & exhibitions have won international recognition and attract a global audience of visitors and delegates. Spintelligent’s events exist to create business opportunities, build partnerships and supply information and practical knowledge in five key industry sectors.
It is through this experience that Spintelligent have been able to devise a range of training courses and programmes designed to address critical issues affecting businesses in key industry sectors for Africa.

Their solutions are designed to produce tangible results through sustainable improvement and inject energy and innovation into performance, leading to:
• A highly skilled workforce for enhanced competitive advantage
• Improved performance of individuals and teams increasing revenues and profitability
• Enriched knowledge of industry best practice techniques and strategies from Africa and around the globe
• Renewed motivation and a desire for excellence around your organisation


At Spintelligent Training Academy they target the core areas that are vital to the success of a business operating within the energy and mining sectors. Experienced training instructors with a proven track record in the industry deliver content that will empower individual high performers, teams, managers and executives.
• Practical and interactive delivery style
• CPD Certified
• Expert faculty with practical industry experience
• Programmes from 1-5 days
• Delivered in 4 star plus venues across Africa


As a market leader in professional development and continuous improvement, the Spintelligent training academy offers you, the power professional, this unique opportunity to empower yourself with sought after specialist skills, from an expert facilitator, who will be delivering your bespoke training programme at your premises.
Any of their programmes can be tailored and developed to focus on the specific challenges your business faces. The programmes can be customised around your people, systems and operations. In this format you will benefit from the intensive, practical and challenging development programme that is unique to Spintelligent Training.
• Tailored programmes focused on your business challenges
• Comprehensive Training Needs Analysis (TNA)
• Materials customised around your documentation, people and processes
• Blended solutions including online learning, one-to-one coaching and face-to-face training
• Run at a location of your choice
Spintelligent is expanding its faculty of experts. Should you wish to become one of their esteemed training facilitators, please them now


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