Nollywood Actress Lizzy Eke Bags 2018 CMC Africa Award

Nollywood actress Ekeanyanwu Elizabeth, popularly known as Lizzy Eke who also doubled as a makeup artist has won the 2018 and the 3rd edition of Cornell Media Consult (CMC) Africa Most Promising Actress of the Year Award held at Kingscelia Hotels and Events, Jibowu, Lagos, recently.

Delicious Lizzy, a graduate of Wale Adenuga’ PEFTI Film Institute and a professional Makeup artist who is the CEO of Lizzy Eke Studio, won the awards with the admiration of all present.

The eloquent role interpreter who has featured in different Nollywood blockbusters like; Marketing Babes, Family Value,s  Super Story, Bone Of The Righteous, Safe, Love and Stitches, Holding Hope, Lent and other great movies; is a darling of producers and directors because of her quality presentation and humility.

Lizzy Eke is an ideal actress of the 21st century. She has mastered the art of winning the heart of her viewers with her well cultured manner and professionalism.

Equally doing well as a Makeup artist, who also has a well equipped studio situated at Mafoluku Oshodi, Lagos, Lizzy will combine making up actors with her roles, an added advantage when she’s called on set of any movie either as an actor or a makeup artist.

Below is Lizzy Eke’s telephone interview with Eventnews Africa correspondence

Eventnews: How do you feel about the CMC award

Lizzy Eke: I feel very happy and excited about the CMC award. It shows that my work and effort is being appreciated knowing all my sleepless night both in acting and makeup is not in vein

EventnewsHow do you think the award will impact in your career.

Lizzy Eke: I know the award will have a very good impact in my career because it will boost my profile and give me more exposure.

Eventnews: how does it feel having a double role of actress and makeup artist in the entertainment industry

Lizzy Eke:  Having a double role in acting and makeup will give me more job opportunities. Though its not easy at all. The double role has become part of me and I have trained myself to always give the best at any given time and nobody will see my work and not admire it

Congratulations to actress Lizzy Eke.


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