To wit is to journey freely

Humor has an uncanny knack for alluring the most striking ‘luck’ for its users; sometimes, it is the only thing that keeps us journeying in the midst of adversity. To wit is to journey freely. It has an elysian ability to heal deep hurts, soften hardened hearts, even open doors that would otherwise remain forever shut. A melodic trumpet that releases the sounds of hearty laughter, playful and intimate connections among those who wit it.

As a construct, humor plays an important role in creating a congenial journey by keeping the participants engaged. The travelers are filled with a free wandering spirit and have a binding union that is only brought about by humorous episodes along the journey. There are people with an intrinsic talent to wit, that make them even unintentionally crack the ribs of their listeners; anywhere at any time. When traveling with such a person, you are most likely assured of a full blown adventure even from the simplest of experiences. The naturally witty always tend to translate every obstacle into opportunities that others would otherwise bow to.

A witty traveler easily gets his way around his new destination as he is easygoing and approachable. He is candid and somehow always finds a way to drive the conversations. He does not shy away from seeking assistance from his hosts and often ends up receiving cheaper accommodation offers, complimentary meals and chances to join tour groups; since he is considered great company. As a result, he ends up saving on the cost of these sine qua non, thus can splurge on the good cheese.

Truth is, not everyone is blessed with the power to wit and it would only take an effort for the humor to be appreciated. However, simple is better and as William Shakespeare stated in his Hamlet Play, ‘Brevity is the soul of wit’. As such, a traveler learning to wit should keep the funny speeches brief and concise; otherwise, they tend to lose their flavor.

When all’s said and done and despite much theoretical and practical explanations, bottom line is to ensure both physical and intellectual freedom during travel. The benefits go beyond financial carte blanche, to having a fulfilling voyaging experience and making lasting impacts in the memories and souls of those we encounter.

Credit: Jumia Travel Blog.


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