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Tanzania has a diversity of cultures and lifestyle based on great history of human habitation stretching back to our distant ancestors (Bantu Migrations) and the earlier penetrations of Missionaries, Traders and Explorers who created their empire to some part of a country.

Between 13th -19th centuries the country has a long history of highly cosmopolitan population of Indians, Arabs, and African Merchants for trading activities as well as a completion on Portuguese, Arabs, British and German domination .

However Tanzania’s history gives a clear picture of where we came from what we have been through; Old memories are the most attractions that any tourists would like to see and learn through the history, Eventnews Africa shares the best attracting destinations that mark the best of our origins  and what we have been through so far.

Kilwa Kisiwani and ruins of Songo Mnara


Located on two islands close to each other about 300km south of Dar es Salaam city. These places were the most important Swahili trading historical sites on the way back from 13th-16th, where Gold and Ivory was traded for perfumes, Chinese porcelain, carnelians and silver . Also the place has the history for slave trade activities where they were shipped to Comoros and Mauritius.



Engaruka is one of those very important historical site from 500 years ago, situated in Arusha Province, on the road to Oldonyo Lengai and lake Natron. It lies at the foot of the Rift Valley, where farming societies of more than 1000 number of people who had their settlements developed for their farming activities through irrigation and cultivation by involving stone lined terraces and skilled measurements to avoid soil erosions, nevertheless the community left Engaruka but still the site has a mark of earliest place with the genius farming system.



This is a World Heritage site which is also recognized by UNESCO. Zanzibar has much more for the historical background from Sultanic regime, Ancient Mosques, Persian Bathhouse, colonial buildings and slave trade activities. This is also the best destination where you can get a full history of the Coast of Indian Ocean especially around stone town.



Caravan porters praised the city as Bwagamoyo “Crush down your heart”, Bagamoyo served as a trading centre for Ivory, Copra as well as slave trade. This is also a place where you can get a proper history of first Explorers, Missionaries and remains of  Old Fort , German Boma,  the Catholic Museum and the first Mosque built in Tanganyika

Ngorongoro conservation Area


It is a world  heritage site recognized by UNESCO where by human, and distant ancestors have been part of this conservation landscape for millions of years. It protects Oldupai Gorge which holds the earliest evidence of mankind’s existence in Africa.

Visitors can learn more details about the fossilized bones and stones tools in the area dating back to millions of years ago, as well as the history of the immigrant Maasai people and the formation of Ngorongoro crater.

Credit: Jumia Travel Blog.


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