Smart ways to run a successful event planning business in Nigeria

When it comes to starting a successful home based event planning business in Nigeria, a lot of things are involved. Whether it’s a wedding or other special occasion, every Nigerian love to celebrate a big event, but planning these events can be tasking and often the cause of sleepless nights and worry about how to ensure the event is a big success and goes off without a hitch.

See smart ways to run a successful event planning business in Nigeria

One of the way out is to let someone else to do the planning for them, which is why event planners and co-ordinators are finding their services increasingly in demand. For those with good communication skills, an eye for style, and a flair for organisation, event planning can be a rewarding business that lends itself to being run from home..

As a wedding and event planner in Nigeria, clients will buy into you as a person as well as the service you are offering and place their trust in you to organise what can be a highly important personal and memorable event. You need the ability to make your clients feel at ease with you, and this starts from having a very personable character, which is essential in this line of work. Your character in business has a long way to market your services.

An initial consultation meeting with a client will provide you with some insight into their character and the sort of look and feel they want for their event. This will inspire you to come up with the creative ideas for their special day. However, one of the few drawbacks of running an event business like this from home, is having to generate that creativity in isolation.

The office environment of an event planner wil be surrounded by colleagues who are all working in the same field and whom you can ask for an opinion on a colour scheme or for their view on a particular supplier, and so on. Working from home on your own means there is likely to be no one else to ask for a second opinion, so often you have to trust your own instinct.

Event planning can be a seasonal business; demand for Christmas parties creates a festive peak season, while enquiries about wedding planning services frequently follow prime engagement periods of Christmas, New Year’s Eve and Valentine’s Day.

Moreover, If you are open to the prospect of organising a broader range of events then you are more likely to stay busy all year round. So that might include providing planning services for non-seasonal events such as conferences, corporate dinners, staff training days and celebration parties.”

Anyone who is thinking about turning their talents to becoming a freelance wedding planner needs to be aware of how time consuming the work can be

During an interview with a Lagos based event planner, she said;

It’s said to take an average of 250 hours to plan a wedding. Once I’ve met with the bride, groom and their immediate families, I put together a proposal and a fee based on their requirements and how I can help them. Also, I find that most brides and their families want help on the day of their wedding, someone to look after the suppliers, the guests and be on hand to oversee everything runs smoothly.”

Another Lagos based event planner finds her home-based business quite flexible to run and she is able to fit it around her son and family life in general. Having a husband who is a drummer in a successful band can come in useful when she needs to find a good band that she can trust to put on a show at a wedding or party.

She adds: “Finding new business is a constant challenge as the events industry is a very crowded market to be in. However, I do use a lot of social media; Facebook and Twitter, blogs and listings to win business, and I also take part in cross promotions with other small businesses in the events and wedding industry.”

Do you have what it takes to run a successful home based event planning business? Or you have more questions about event planning business , share your views with us in the comment box below.



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