Simple Etiquette Of Planning Your Wedding

We have got some simple etiquette of planning your wedding life a pro. Compared to throwing a party where you and your guests live, a destination wedding requires a wholly different approach. Sure, you’ll face time zone and distance-related problems, but you can still get the best wedding day if you know how to do it right. Here are some basic etiquette that will get you the help you need.

Transportation costs in planning your wedding

There are two kinds of transportation costs we’re talking about. First, it’s not your obligation to pay for your guests’ travel fees. Even though there are no set rules on whether or not you have to pay for your relatives and even bridesmaids and groomsmen, if you do have the budget, do pay for them as a good gesture.

The second transportation cost is one you have to bear if your ceremony and reception are not held in one place, requiring people to travel at least by car. This type of cost should be put on your WEDDING BUDGET in the first place.

 Accommodation fees

When you hold your wedding in a hotel or resort, you will usually get a number of complimentary rooms. Make the best of these rooms by allocating them for your immediate family members and close relatives. Don’t forget to prepare rooms for your bridesmaids and groomsmen too. If you don’t have extra rooms, you should at least pay for your immediate family’s accommodation.


Don’t underestimate the warm feeling a small and thoughtful gift can give. After traveling for hours, your guests will be happy to find a goodie bag waiting for them. As it’s the thought that counts, there is no need for extravagant gifts. If you’re having a BEACH WEDDING, sunscreen and bottle of coconut water or fresh tropical fruit juice will be more than enough.

Detailed information

Try to maximize the use of your WEDDING WEBSITE. You can jot down every detail needed by your guests there, divide the information into tabs, and prepare some helpful travel tips, like transport and hotels options and also suggestions for activities they can do at the particular wedding destination.

No pressure for your guests

For a destination wedding, your guests will need to prepare more time and money to attend. As mostly only close friends and relatives are invited, you should have a better understanding of their conditions. When they can’t attend your wedding because of an unfortunate situation, you need to be considerate, accept the situation, and avoid making them feel uneasy.

 Giving a heads-up

If there is a chance that your guests will give non-monetary wedding gifts, it’s better to let them know in advance that they should send the gifts to your home address. It will do you good, as there will be no need for you and the gift-giver to carry the goods hundreds of miles away. Another thing to remember is to let your guests know if you’re opting for an ADULT-ONLY wedding party. It will give some time for guests with children to make arrangements for their kids while they are away at your wedding.

Source: Weddaily

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