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The gaming world has had a number of firsts. However, the latest release, Pokemon GO, is one the world will talk about for a while. This smartphone game breaks the thin, invisible filament between the real and virtual world by letting a user hunt virtual creatures in real time. Pokemon GO’s official release in some parts of the world is just a few weeks old. So far, Nitendo has officially rolled out the augmented reality game in Germany, the United States of America, Britain, in New Zealand and Australia. Nitendo cast the net wide by providing the game free, for both Android and iPhone smartphone users.

How to Play Pokemon GO

To participate, you have to be up and about.  This game has several tasks. One, when you get a notification of a Pokemon creature near you, scan the area and capture it. Second, when you capture a Pokemon, add it to your collection. Third, after capture, you have to train your best Pokemon to battle rival Pokemon.

The virtual world of this game has a number of facilities for Pokemon trainers. For instance, there are Pokemon centres where Pokemon can be healed and trainers can store their collections of captured Pokemon. Other facilities are the Pokemon gym, where players can find a powerful trainer and the Pokemon Marts, which are stores for players to buy stuff with the rewards they get from battles. Items on sale include Pokeballs, eggs to hatch into Pokemon as well as incense to lure more Pokemon. To challenge a gym, you have to attain a certain Pokemon trainer level.

What Would Make Pokemon GO Exciting in Nairobi?

This location-based game will be a darling for many when it hits Nairobi.  There are so many picturesque sites in the city that you can explore when finding Pokemon to capture.

Playing Pokemon would be an unforgettable experience, in the city’s green spaces. You could hunt in Nairobi Arboretum, Uhuru Park, City Park or Uhuru Gardens.

Other Pokemonstops might be near interesting attractions like museums and monuments. It might be the best opportunity for a city tour, to see places like Nairobi National Museum, Karen Blixen Museum and the National Archives.

Since the servers were overwhelmed during the mobile game’s launch in some countries, other regions have to wait for the company to reinforce its servers ahead of an official global rollout. Before then, Pokemon Go enthusiasts in Kenya and other African countries can gather facts about the game, discover exciting places to hunt, and wait…

Credit: Jumia Travel Blog.


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