Explore Mount Meru in Tanzania

5 towering to about 3,000 meters above Arusha Town. Mt Meru is located within Arusha National Park.

Hiking up the mountain top, can take a maximum of 4 days. While at the top one can see the peak of Mt. Kilimanjaro from the highest perch possible which is always a breathtaking and spectacular view. Unlike on Kilimanjaro where there are multiple routes up the mountain, on Mt. Meru, there is only one, the Momella Route.

Things to do in Mount Meru


View of Mt Meru from Momella gate

The Mount Meru Forest Reserve which dominates most of the mountain is home to a large wildlife population. Trekking around Mount Meru gives one the chance to see animals such as elephants, mountain reedbuck, buffalos, giraffes, waterbucks, bushbucks, dik diks, warthogs, baboons, colobus monkeys. The bird life around Mt. Meru is also amazing for bird watching, with the Momella Lakes close by there are plenty of things to do from season to season.

Hotels near Mount Meru


Exterior view of Mount Meru Hotel

Accommodation around Mt. Meru is quite affordable. There are several private camps and lodges for travellers who choose to visit the mountain. Most of these hotels are within the vicinity of the Mount Meru Forest Reserve offering great hospitality and adventure within the park. Stay in Meru National Park hotels and lodges such as Ngare Sero Mountain Lodge and Mount Meru Hotel among other good hotels.

 Best Time to Travel

The best times to go hiking up the mountain is between June and February. Generally December to February often offer the best views of  Mount Meru as well as Mt. Kilimanjaro which can often be seen from the mountain’s highest peak and most places in Arusha National Park.

With that information, Mt. Meru trekking will be an incredible experience and should be included in your things to do in Tanzania checklist!

Credit: Jumia Travel Blog.


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