Our lives are shaped by those who love us and those who refuse to love us

My days in high school wasn’t a normal fairy tale story. I considered it my worst days as a child. I was little, unattractive and a constantly subject to bully. I could remember an experience that happened in school  which has stuck with me for 22 years. My school organized an excursion which needed a total of 40 students. Back then, our population was more than this. Every student were made to line up and pick a paper which had YES or NO written on it.

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If you picked a YES, you will be registered as one of the lucky 40. With joy in my heart as little as I was, I went back to my dormitory to prepare for the excursion. Before I knew it, two seniors came up, they called me and knelt me down. They shouted and beat me up. They said  I wasn’t going for the excursion. As innocent as I was, I cried and had no one to help me.

In a boarding school setting where I was all alone, I wondered in my heart the type of offense I comitted,  but I couldn’t think of any. Thereafter, I came to realize that a little sister of one of the senior has picked a NO and she really wanted to go. The seniors thought I was a good fit to switch with their little sister and I thought in my heart with all the joy and excitement that I wasn’t going anymore. They took me to the teacher in charge of the registration and gave him reasons why I wasn’t fit enough to go. But something unique happened. He looked at me with tears in my eyes and told the senior that nothing could be  done and that I have earned the right for the excursion.

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Instantly, excitement filled  my heart as I was now one of the lucky 40s to go for the excursion and I was grateful I did. The past remains in the past, but the memory still linger on in my heart.



That’s our world today in every victory you choose to achieve people are there to take them away from you and painful times will come. The feeling of failure and loneliness is not the end of it. It’s only the beginning. I was 11years old when it happened, I might never get to see my seniors again  and even if I do, I won’t be able to recognize them. But I will always remember that they tried but failed and that’s what your adversaries are.

What’s your story?

Share your story with us. We’ve all been through situations that have caused us to doubt our potentials as human being. This is an opportunity to share your experiences as the saying goes a problem shared is a problem half solved.


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