Infographic: 5 Social Media Rules You Must Never Break

The social media is a very big community of individuals unfettered by geographical, social or ethnic boundaries. The online community is not bound by the same rules that bind day to day interactions, hence, the need for parameters of engagement.

Have you ever been in a situation where you feel like wiping senses into someone for flouting social media rules that are not written anywhere? And yet, you feel certain that there should be a standard? If yes, refer them to check out a few basic rules; 5 rules of engagement that can save a lot of headaches.

There are a lot more conceivable social media rules. It depends largely on your personal preference, cultural background and of course the particular platform you are using.

Feel free to share your own rules in the the comment section and let the conversation continue. In all, respect, both for self and others, is the grand rule of proper engagement. Keep that in mind.


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