Honeymoon Location: Making The Best Choice

Make the best choice when choosing honeymoon Location. when you put your wedding planning aside to focus on the post-wedding adventure, you may find yourself lost in an epic Google search making arrangements for the ultimate getaway better known as your honeymoon. Whether you’re looking to leave the day after you say “I Do” or if you’re planning the adventure a couple months after the wedding, here are 4 things to consider when choosing a honeymoon destination.

How to optimize your honeymoon location

How long do you want to travel?

If you’re looking to bring your party of two to a different country, add a couple of extra days to your travel plans. A four-day getaway could easily become a six-day getaway if you’re going to Australia or a place far from your home base.

What vibe are you looking for?

Whether you’re interested in a trip that’s pure relaxation or one that’s a non-stop adventure, be sure to talk about what kinds of activities you want to do. Think, how much of the honeymoon do you want to use as downtime versus playtime beforehand. This way, you can choose a location that fits you and your husbands wants and needs best.

Can you go at a different time for cheaper?

If you’re looking to honeymoon over a holiday weekend or a time of year when the weather is famously perfect, you may face higher prices. Be sure to research — before you are set on your destination — when is the best time to go, price and weather wise.

How much can you spend?

Budget an amount that you can spend for the honeymoon, including travel accommodations, food and activity. Stick to this budget as much as you can when planning— that way you can pick a location and filter a to-do list that stays in those limits and doesn’t break your account.

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