Healing adventure at Waliso

Complement the natural beauty of Hot Springs with a scenic stay at the stunning small town, Waliso. Whether you want to sight see enjoying the emerald gardens or lodg4e in luxury, there is a perfect retreat for you waiting in Hot Springs and more that will make you experience full of excitement.

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There are so many steamy spots to choose from in this warm hospitable place, Jumia Travel Africa’s leading online hotel booking company handpicked Waliso the spectacular natural hot spring spots where you can dip expecting a healing. The oldest 1930 Negash lodge has the best spring waters that are believed to have healing powers due to the natural heat. Laying under massive 90,000 square meter of forest land and several wild animals it has indoor and outdoor swimming pools filled with the natural spring. In the all-inclusive compound it’s inevitable to find hundreds of bird species and wildlife creating unforgettable escaped in one of naturally preserved environment.


Abo hill also known as tullumaja is located at the heart of Woliso town with a magnificent topographic feature. At the top of the hill the whole town and nearby breathtaking sights become visible allowing you to view everything in one spot. The fabulous hill is also home to several creatures. Enjoying the fresh breath of the high land watching the small creatures do their routine life creates a treasured memory.

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The other best part of coming to Woliso is the nearby sights which will take you into the ultimate adventure meeting all your needs. The island paradise, Wonchi is found in South Western Shawa at an altitude of 3000 meter above sea level. Wonchi contains hot springs, waterfalls and breath-taking valleys that raise the bar as your best and most affordable island vacation ever.

The Lake is surrounded by stunning landscape of green valley and wildlife. It’s possible to reach the ancient monasteries by ferries. It takes about an hour from the top of the hill to the lake side. However, there is an option to get a horse ride up and down from the hills. If you have never traveled in a horseback there is no need to worry since the place has colt to allow you risk free practice of horseback ride along the way.  

Wonchi Lake is 560 hectares wide, offering unforgettable adventures for divers. The lake’s depth ranges from 9 to 67.8 meters filled with fantastic water and ancient churches escapade. On the surrounding mountains, it’s common to spot monkeys, apes and gazelles. Here as well the natural hot springs believed to have healing powers being one of the great attractions of the place. Swimming in the crystal blue lake, spotting wild animals and horseback riding is not the only awesome activity Wonchi can offer, you can cruise and pitch your tents right on the naturally ornamented garden beach.

Credit: Jumia Travel Blog.


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