What Will Your Guests Say About Your Wedding

There is just that common desire amongst all couples to always want to please and satisfy their wedding guests. So, when the guests (the kind and nice ones, of course) walk up to them after the reception to commend them on how well-planned the event was and how much fun they had, these couples (most especially, the brides) get all the more fulfilled and happy.

However, a lot goes into satisfying your guests at your wedding and, trust me, you do not want to wait till the close of the event to get commendations and thumbs-up… why don’t I walk you through how you can know (even before the event) how much your guests will love being at your wedding.

So, without further ado, here are a couple of things you want to do, as well as some you may want to avoid. I call them, THE GOOD, THE BAD and THE UGLY!


* Have you ever considered the possibility of a rooftop wedding? Oh, this one will definitely give your guests something to revel about.

* An open bar at your wedding reception should get a couple of good drinkers excited.

* Asking your caterer to pack some snacks for the road to be handed out to your guests wouldn’t be such a bad idea,

…and oh!

* You could let off a couple of fireworks at the end of reception… best when you two are leaving the venue. It will definitely get your guests excited and thinking about the event for the rest of the night.



* You may want to avoid getting late to your own wedding. Oh, trust me, guests hate this very much. In most case, insensitive couples go ahead and get hotels way to far from the church and reception venue. More times than none, they get caught up in traffic and eventually arrive late.

* Also, try getting a reception venue closer to the church or more in the heart of the city. This will make it easily accessible and make logistics quite easier. Guests do not like it when they have to drive another long distance after having had to sit through an almost less-fun solemnization service.

* Hahaha! I have actually attended a wedding where the Best Man had to go ahead and give a 30-minute speech at the reception! I was red-hot angry by the time the food came that I couldn’t have guessed the difference between the soup and the cole-slaw. Take the extra time before the reception to plead with your best man and chief bridesmaid to keep it short and sharp!

* Now, this one might actually come as the most important of all… it has to do with your vendors. It is very important to ensure that you can trust on them (starting with the event planner) to give you nothing but the best service. They should avoid insulting and harassing the guests and most essentially, the caterers should NOT serve them late, ‘cos… this is one memory guests aren’t so quick to put away!



Actually, there is only one thing that comes to mind here and I should probably just round-up this piece with it. Has it ever occurred to you what your wedding day would be like if you actually went and got yourself DRUNK at your own reception. Oh… best not imagined… BEWARE!!! *laughs*

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