Embracing domestic tourism in Uganda

Embracing domestic tourism in Uganda

Ugandans have recently started to appreciate their own country. Lately, there are a number of adventure trips being organised for locals, including Khoikhoi, Cocktails in the Wild, and now the newest addition dubbed #UgTravelMonth.

The growth of domestic tourism is now evident among the young adults who are easily targeted on social media. Most local travel campaigns create an idea and execute it solely on the common sites that most Ugandan youth frequent in a way that appeals to them.

Uganda Travel Month is a campaign organised by The Pearl Guide in partnership with a number of brand names, including Jumia Travel, and is going to run throughout the month of October. The campaign is not meant for one destination, but rather, for travellers to enjoy other different locations throughout the country.

Every weekend in October will be booked for a road trip to one of the locations on the itinerary. Altogether, there will be four trips, which will cost Shs200,000 per person and Shs250,000 for the last trip.

So, why should you be excited about the trips?

Queen Elizabeth National Park

This being the first trip, there is a lot of excitement surrounding it; so many people have never been to Queen Elizabeth National Park and getting a chance to visit it at just Shs200,000 is a drop of luck.


Lions in Queen Elizabeth National Park

The park has the biggest variety of flora and fauna plus the highly famed tree-climbing lions of Ishasha. This trip will take place on October 1-2.

Murchison Falls National Park

What best way to spend your Independence weekend than away communing with nature together with your family/friends?


Elephants in Murchison Falls National Park

The park is located in an area that explodes with beauty; the falls cascade down through the river giving a scenic backdrop for the wild savannah and many animals. You get a chance to visit the rainforest full of chimpanzees and a variety of bird species; stand in awe of the gorgeous Karuma and Bugungu falls; see the crocodiles lazily hunt for prey on the river banks; see how giraffes elegantly trot through the savannah, as well as lions, elephants and leopards all over the park grounds. This trip will be on October 8-9 and will cost the same amount as the first trip.

Lake Mburo National Park

This one cannot be missed. The park’s camping grounds are located right at the show of the serene and tranquil Lake Mburo that is home to many families of hippos and a number of crocodiles.

Crocodiles at Lake Mburo National Park

Crocodiles at Lake Mburo National Park

The ride from the gate to the camping site is almost a mini game drive of its own due to the number of kobs, elands, warthogs and zebras but, when you go for the actual game drive with an instructor, the park seems to come alive with animals you only read about in books and watched in The Lion King. The trip will only cost you Shs200,000 and will be take place on October 15-16.


The only way to end a travel month is by crowning it off loaded with adrenaline and fun in the most famous district in Uganda. This trip will cost you Shs250,000 and it comes with a heavy package, including a tour in the thick Mabira rainforest, bungee jumping, and a crazy thrilling white water rafting ride over the roaring Nile. The trip will be the finale to the whole #UgTravelMonth escapade and there is a chance you might ask for more when the bus drops you off to head back home.

Now that your excitement has risen a notch higher, it is important to get ready for four thrilling weekends packed with music and fun.


Source:     Jumia Travel Blog.


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