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We at Eventnews Africa are delighted to introduce on the web to you as a unique medium for securing additional reach to your potential market. You can reach us through:



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We are also active social media user with a reasonable coverage. You can connect with us on Facebook , Twitter  and   Instagram.

We understand you want targeted exposure, solid and long term profitable business relationship, minimize cost and maximize profit, etc .That’s exactly what we seek to provide through Eventnews Africa. We would like to give you maximum targeted exposure from our end.

Here is our package for you:

We will do a detailed review post on  for your product
We will add a banner (300*250 or 25*25) to the sidebar for 30 days

Other advert banner sizes include

    • 468*60 Header:
    • 468*60 after post:
    • 300*250
    • 650 x 650
    • 160 x 600
    • 728 x 90 among others
  • You can go through and select some other 2 existing articles where we can place some more banners for you.
  • You can provide 2 additional keywords so we can develop two more articles linking to your product and the main article.
  • We will promote the main review post on social media and mail to our mailing list subscribers
  • We will do a targeted Facebook post boosting for the main article for more targeted audience
  • Will leave 10 comments on targeted blogs linking back to the review post

NB: Do let us know if there is something you need adjusted on the list so you can get maximum satisfaction

As a matter of fact, what we want is a win-win long term business relationship. We are confident in the quality of our traffic and given that your event/brand/products/services will be on for life, that will ensure constant flow of targeted exposure.



Benefits include:

  1. Your company reserves the naming rights for Eventnews Africa’s blog(your brand name will be included on our social media banner).
  2. Your company logo will be displayed at the background of the blog.
  • Your company banner will be included on every newsletter publication
  1. We will publish 2 articles per week about your company
  2. Special Mentions by the blog contributors at regular intervals.
  3. Special mention and hype on our social media fan pages
  • Your company logo will be on all publicity materials and souvenirs.

NOTE: This will be renewed after every two months.


Benefits include all in PLATINIUM above except items ‘i’ and ‘ii’.

NOTE: This will be renewed after every two months.


  1. Special mentions
  2. Pop up adverts

NOTE: This will be renewed after every two months.


  1. FLASH ADVERTS: N10,000 – Duration of one month (leaderboard)
  2. SCROLL ADVERTS: N5,000 – Duration of one month (leaderboard)
  3. POP UP ADVERTS: N8,000 – Duration of one month(appears below all posts)

NOTE: Discount applies for multiple slots of more than one month


Start your social marketing journey with us. We Listen, engage, publish, and analyze feedbacks. We Create 1-to-1 social conversations like never before.

  • 2 social accounts
  • 20,000 monthly mentions
  • Brand listening and engagement
  • Manage accounts on Facebook, Twitter, or all other major social networks


We believe that the online experience of Nigerians can be enhanced by bringing to them platform of this quality. It is only by partnering with brands like yours and stakeholders that we can realize effective utilization of the ‘online time’ of Nigerians to derive maximum satisfaction.

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